Best Brands for Car Subwoofers

Best Subwoofer Brands for a Car

Time to delve into the world of the best subwoofer brands for car, vital components for those looking to boost their car stereo set up.

Subwoofers enhance the depth and richness of your vehicle’s sound system, filling in the low-frequency sounds that standard speakers often struggle to reproduce accurately. The right subwoofer can transform mundane journeys into thrilling auditory adventures, heightening the enjoyment of your favorite music.

For clarity and impartiality, we’ve presented our choice in alphabetical order, rather than ranking them, thus offering an unbiased view of each brand’s unique strengths and highlights. There is no out-and-out best subwoofer brand anyway as much of it is down to personal choice.

Anyway, let’s get straight into it and check out the best subwoofer brands for cars…

Boss Audio

Founded over 30 years ago, Boss Audio has etched its name as one of the industry leaders in vehicle audio equipment. The company prides itself on innovation and quality, boasting a diverse range of products that caters to various customer needs.

When it comes to their car subwoofer offerings, Boss Audio showcases a knack for performance and power at a good price. Whether you’re an audiophile seeking precision and clarity, or a bass enthusiast craving earth-shaking beats, there’s a Boss Audio subwoofer designed to exceed expectations.

Some of the best Boss Audio include the Boss Audio P80DVC, an 8-inch car subwoofer known for its robust sound and compact size, perfect for those who want to enhance their vehicle’s sound without sacrificing much space.

Another noteworthy model is the Boss Audio Phantom P126DVC, a stunning 1150 RMS, 12-inch subwoofer that offers powerful bass output and durability, ensuring a lasting and satisfying bass experience.

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With roots dating back to the 1940s, JBL has consistently pushed the boundaries of audio technology. Their extensive history and commitment to innovation have resulted in a reputation for reliable, high-quality sound equipment across various applications, and they’re certainly up there with the best subwoofer brands for a car.

JBL’s range of subwoofers for vehicles is characterized by outstanding performance, versatile designs, and leading-edge technology. From compact under-seat units to larger, more powerful options, JBL offers a spectrum of subwoofers that cater to different audio needs and preferences.

Notable among their lineup is the JBL Stage 82, a powerful 8 inch subwoofer that delivers a deep, rich bass despite its size it does come in 10- and 12-inch too. Not everyone likes Powered Subwoofers, but JBL make some of the best, so we should mention the JBL GT-BassPro12 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer, it’s absolutely immense for anyone struggling for space but wanting bass.

JL Audio

Founded in the 1970s, JL Audio has built a legacy based on the unwavering pursuit of superior audio. With its innovative spirit, JL Audio has made a significant impact on the audio industry, especially in terms of high-performance audio solutions for cars.

JL Audio’s car subwoofer range presents a balance of groundbreaking technology, exceptional sound quality, and durable construction. Their subwoofers deliver smooth, powerful bass across various music genres, satisfying both casual listeners and audiophiles.

Among their many exceptional models, the JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 stands out. This 10-inch subwoofer delivers clear, low-distortion bass, earning praise for its performance and reliability.

Another noteworthy model is the JL Audio 12W0V3-4. With its shallow mounting depth, this line of subwoofers is ideal for those with limited space but who still desire potent, high-quality bass.


As one of the pioneers in the consumer electronics industry, Kenwood has been enhancing sound experiences since 1946. Over the years, the brand has shown an unwavering commitment to sound quality and innovative design, which have made it a household name in home and car audio systems.

Kenwood’s car subwoofers are known for their robust construction, superior sound reproduction, and impressive power handling capabilities. They offer a range of options to cater to different vehicle sizes and listener preferences, from compact under-seat subwoofers to more substantial units designed that’ll shake every corner of your vehicle.

A notable example from their portfolio is the Kenwood KFC-WPS1000F, a 10-inch subwoofer that delivers profound, hard-hitting bass without sacrificing clarity or detail. Also of note is the Kenwood KSC-PSW8, a compact powered subwoofer designed to fit under seats, perfect for those who want a bass boost without occupying much space.


Since its establishment in 1973, Kicker has grown into an influential force in the car audio industry. The brand’s name is synonymous with high-performance audio, with a particular focus on powerful bass reproduction.

Kicker’s range of car subwoofers ensures its a leading brand, as they offer products that excel in both power and clarity. The brand caters to a wide audience, from those seeking a subtle bass upgrade to bass enthusiasts who want to feel every beat shake their vehicle.

Among the standout models is the Kicker CompR, a line of subwoofers available in various sizes. Known for their powerful, deep bass and high power handling, these subwoofers are a favorite among many car audio fans.

Another notable model is the Kicker CompVR, another range of subwoofers designed to deliver impressive bass in cars of all sizes. As with everything Kicker does they stand as a testament to Kicker’s brand image, and ensures it is one of the best subwoofer brands for a car.

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Memphis Audio

With a history dating back to 1965, Memphis Audio has become a revered name in the world of vehicle audio. The company places a strong emphasis on delivering high-quality sound equipment that enhances the listening experience on the road.

Memphis Audio’s line of car subwoofers is known for its excellent performance, durability, and superior bass reproduction. The brand offers a diverse product line, ensuring there are options for casual listeners and serious audiophiles alike.

Noteworthy models include the Memphis MJM622 MOJO Mini Subwoofer, a 6.5-inch 2-Ohm subwoofer that offers powerful bass performance and remarkable sound clarity for its size. Another exceptional model is the Memphis Audio VIV1422, a 14″ VIV Subwoofer that delivers some outstanding bass, and with an RMS of 2200, you’ll be turning heads.


Pioneer, a brand recognized worldwide, has been at the forefront of audio and electronic technology since its founding in 1938. Pioneer’s dedication to sound excellence has led to a variety of high-quality audio equipment, in home and vehicle audio.

Pioneer’s car subwoofers are characterized by their superior sound quality, impressive power handling, and cutting-edge technology. The brand offers a wide array of car subwoofers, catering to the varied needs of casual listeners, audiophiles, and bass enthusiasts.

Notable Pioneer subwoofer models include the Pioneer TS-A2500LS4 – a compact 10in Subwoofer that delivers deep, powerful bass while remaining clear and detailed. Additionally, the Pioneer TS-W126M, a shallow-mount subwoofer, stands out for its ability to deliver impressive low-frequency output in tight spaces, and at a very good price.

Rockford Fosgate

Rockford Fosgate has been shaping the car audio industry since 1973 with its innovative audio equipment that focus on performance, power, and durability. Known for their “Punch” sound, Rockford Fosgate subwoofers deliver a dynamic listening experience that stands out.

The brand’s car subwoofer line carries this tradition forward, offering a range of subwoofers known for their robust construction, high power handling, and superior sound reproduction. From compact units to larger models designed for serious bass output, Rockford Fosgate meets a broad spectrum of audio needs.

The Rockford Fosgate P3D4-15 Punch P3 is one of their noteworthy models. This 15-inch monster subwoofer is acclaimed for its deep, powerful bass and high power handling capacity.

Rockford Fosgate makes some of the best powered subwoofers for cars on the market and the Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch is certainly worth a mention. It boasts all the Punch technology, and for anyone limited on space, this powered subwoofer is an absolute beast.

Skar Audio

Established in 2012, Skar Audio may be newer to the audio industry compared to some of its competitors, but it has rapidly gained recognition for its high-quality, powerful, and affordable vehicle audio equipment.

Skar Audio’s car subwoofers are designed with a focus on performance and value. Offering a variety of sizes and power outputs, Skar Audio has a range of options to suit various audio requirements and vehicle configurations.

Standout models in the Skar Audio lineup include the Skar Audio EVL-65, a 6.5″ Subwoofer renowned for its hard-hitting bass and impressive power handling for such a small speaker. Additionally, Skar Audio make some potent Bass Tubes and the Skar Audio SK8TBV is ideal for those seeking potent, high-quality bass without taking up loads of space in their trunk.

Sundown Audio

Founded in 2006, Sundown Audio has quickly made its mark in the audio industry with its commitment to producing high-quality subwoofers that deliver powerful, deep bass. Despite being a newer brand, Sundown Audio is a subwoofer brand that has earned a loyal following among bass enthusiasts.

The brand’s car subwoofers are characterized by their exceptional power handling, robust construction, and superior sound quality. Sundown Audio offers a range of options to suit different vehicle sizes and listener preferences, ensuring everyone can enjoy an immersive audio experience.

Notable Sundown Audio models include the Sundown Audio SA-12 D2 REV.3, a 12-inch subwoofer recognized for its impressive power and bass depth. Another standout model is the Sundown Audio SD-4 10 D4, a shallow mount, 10-inch subwoofer that delivers powerful, clear, and punchy bass, proving that size doesn’t always equate to power in the world of subwoofers.

The Best Subwoofer Brands for a Car

So, there you go: we’ve journeyed through a diverse range of some of the best subwoofer brands for cars, each brand demonstrating unique strengths in terms of sound quality, power, and construction.

It’s crucial to understand that the choice of a subwoofer should be a careful one, factoring in not only the brand but also your specific needs. Vehicle size, your personal taste in music, and your budget all play vital roles in this decision.

We strongly encourage you to explore the models mentioned in this guide, or delve deeper into the extensive offerings these top-tier brands have in store. Finding the right subwoofer that fits your needs can significantly enhance your daily commute or long drives.

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