Best Sound Deadening Material for Cars

Best Sound Deadening Materials for Cars

Cars are noisy and the faster you go, the noisier they get, so installing the best sound deadening material in your car will make a major difference to your car acoustics.

There are many to choose from, and getting it right can save a lot of grief down the line. Getting the wrong sound deadener could cause you to suffer during the summer months, and waste your time and money by not even making much of a difference.

It’s not an easy job, but getting the right tools and of course the best sound deadening material will be worth it if you want the best soundstage possible.

It works by dampening all those vibrations made from loose levers that rattle against the sheet metal and plastic in your car. While also dampening the external noise that makes its way into your car through the car exterior.

Soundproofing the car is becoming a popular choice for audiophiles, but getting the choice and installation right is imperative to making sure you get the best results.

If you’re interested in improving your car acoustics, read on for a review of the best sound deadening mats and spray foams.

The Best Sound Deadening Mats and Rolls

Dynamat 10455 Xtreme Self-Adhesive Sound Deadener – The Very Best Sound Deadening Material

dynamat sound deadening mats

Kicking off the review is the best sound deadening material – Dynamat 10455 Xtreme mats.

If you know anything about car soundproofing, you’ve heard of Dynamat, and that’s because it is the best by a fair distance.

Is Dynamat the best value, though? Well, it’s expensive compared with all others, but if you want the very best sound deadening job, nothing compares.

At 67 mil, Dynamat is thinner than most competitors and eradicates unwanted noises more effectively than those with thicker deadening material.

The Dynamat 10455 xtreme sound deadening mat boasts an aluminum front and a butyl back, and thanks to the self adhesive backing, it’s easy to apply.

You can use the Dynamat Sound Deadening mat on every surface, and the 18” x 32” size means they’re a good size to work with.

The aluminum covers also provide resilient heat resistance, which will keep your car cooler in the long, hot summers.

And during the summer when some of Dynamat’s competitors start to give off a bad odour, Dynamat’s odourless mats really excel.


If you want the best car acoustics, Dynamat sound deadening mats will do the best job. Thinner than any competitor, their mats are very effective at dampening the noise, and you will not get a better job with any of the cheaper brands.


Most effective noise cancellation material
Good size mats
Heat resistant


Expensive compared with others
Can only buy in packets of 9

Noico Solutions 80 mil Sound Deadening Mat – Good Budget Sound Deadening Mats

noico solutions sound deadening mat

Noico Solutions is one of the leading brands in the noise insulation industry, and the company produces one of the best sound deadening materials that gets anywhere near Dynamat.

They have many sound deadening products on the market and if you want their thickest, the Noico Red 150 mil (4mm) will give you the best noise cancellation. That said, not everyone has rtoom for something so thick, so we are reviewing Noico Solutions best selling sound deadening mats the 80 mil mats.

The 2mm thick is cheaper than most other brands and will do a great job at cancelling out much of the car’s vibrations.

It’s a butyl-based material with an embossed, aluminum finish, which is a little thin, but it does help keep the heat down during the summer.

The soundproofing mats come in a handy 11.5” x 9.2” size, but what makes this better than most competitors is that it’s super easy to cut for any smaller sizes.

The mat does smell a bit when you’re installing it, but with time, the smell will go and with it being an aluminum cover, you won’t have to worry about any bad odors during the summer.


This is a great option if you’re on a bit of budget but want an effective noise insulation job doing. It won’t do the job that Dynamat does, but compared with others in its price range, you can’t go wrong.


Easy to cut and install
Good price
Can get smaller packets so little waste


Known to smell for the first few weeks

KILMAT 80 mil Car Soundproofing Mat – The Best Sound Deadening Material for The Money

Kilmat is another excellent brand when it comes to car soundproofing material. They produce different thickness mats, but we believe the 80 mil mats make a big impact at dampening unwanted noises.

The butyl rubber sound deadening mat comes with an aluminum skin. The mats come in a handy 16.93” x 11.02” size and with self adhesive backing, installation is as easy as any other product on the market.

Installation is helped further with the lightweight mats coming in at 1/2 lb per square ft. But don’t think this lightweight mat loses any dampening qualities, because it’s as good as any other on the market, notwithstanding Dynamat of course.

Another excellent feature of this bargain sound deadening material is it’s pretty much odourless. As soon as you’ve installed it, the smell will quickly evaporate, and with the aluminum backing, you won’t get any bad odors during the hot summer months.

The foil backing also helps with temperature regulation, making those summer and winter months more bearable.

Overall, this is a great buy. Affordable, does a good job of insulating the noise and temperature, and will improve your audio acoustics for as long as you own the car.


This product is up there with Noico Solutions, good runners up if you will. It’s as good as Noico in every way, but with this being a bit cheaper, we rate this one as the best sound deadening material for the money.


Very affordable
Lightweight and easy to install


At this price, not much to dislike

Thermo-Tec 14620 Heat and Sound Suppressor – Great for Keeping Cool and Quiet

thermo-tec sound deadening and temperature control insulation

If you’re wanting more than a sound deadening application, Thermo-Tec 14620 Heat and Sound Suppressor makes sure you can enjoy your music in comfort during the hot summers.

With a 70 mil thickness, Thermo-Tec Sound Deadening Mat is thinner than most competitors, but it does a great job at eradicating unwanted, irritating noises.

Being thin, it’s easy to cut and installation is super easy, making it a good option for anywhere that’s difficult to get into.

It’s a durable polythene sound deadening material that’s made in the USA, and is popular for car owners and home owners.

Combined with the polyethylene film, the foil backing of this sound insulation makes it popular for those who want to keep the house cool during the hot summer months.

Thermo-Tec claims to protect radiant heat of up to 2000℉, and direct temperatures up to 300℉. Not bad at all, but there are complaints of this adhesive softening during the summer, which is known to make a burning rubber smell.

Overall the reviews are positive and there are plenty of them, so beware of the odd negative review.


It’s a good option for anyone looking to dampen the sound and of course keep a good temperate condition during the hot summers. There are better sound insulators, but it’s a decent price and easier than most to install


Easy to install
reasonable price
Keeps the car cooler during the summer


Can soften in hot temperatures

FatMat Self-Adhesive Rattletrap 80 mil Roll – Marine Grade Sound Deadening Roll

fatmat sound deadening roll

If you’re looking for a roll of soundproofing material the FatMat Self-Adhesive Rattletrap roll is a good option.

It’s relatively cheap, it’s a roll which makes it easier for installing in the larger areas such as the car floor and trunk, and of course it cuts out the annoying vibrations as well as others in its price range.

The FatMat roll also boasts its own patented “Super-Stick” Adhesive, which the company boasts that it’s a marine grade sound deadener. So, anyone wanting to quieten their boat a little, this would be a good option.

A US brand FatMat is popular thanks to its many different sized rolls, making it easier to buy the right amount, although the smallest packet is 25sq ft.

The 18” wide sound deadening roll makes it easier to cover bigger vehicles such as trucks and RVs.

What I don’t like about this product is its asphalt-based. This makes it a bit less pliable to install, and you may need to heat it to get the best installation.

Although the aluminum skin prevents it from softening too much in the summer, the asphalt can still get a little smelly during the hot summer months.


There are better alternatives, but FatMat sound dampening material does as it says on the tin. And with a super sticky adhesive, this is one of the best sound deadening options for marine life.


Marine grade adhesive
Good price
Plenty of different sized options


Can be difficult to install
Asphalt can soften in hot summers

Siless Vibro 80 mil Car Sound Deadening Mat – Cheap Sound Dampener That’s Easy to Install

The next sound insulation material on the review is the Siless Vibro 80 mil deadening mats. A newer brand that is becoming more popular as audio enthusiasts look to save some dollars.

Made with Bmastic, an oil and waterproof closed-cell polyethylene foam, this lightweight, industrial grade sound damping material is ideal for anyone who hasn’t installed sound deadening before.

In fact, it’s so lightweight the material is about half the weight of other deadening materials. This makes it easy to cut with a boxcutter or even scissors, making it arguably the easiest of all sound deadening materials to install.

As well as being lighter than its competitors, it’s also one of the cheapest on the market, and while it’s a long way off the leading sound insulators, performance-wise, it will do a decent job.

It comes with an adhesive layer and an aluminum backing, so as well as helping to eradicate unwanted noises, it will also help regulate the temperature in the summers.

The new sound supressing technology is also odourless, so you have no worries about smelling the car out when the summers start getting a bit hot


The Siless Vibro 80 mil is a good option. It will dampen any unwanted noises, and while it’s a far cry from the best performing sound deadeners, for the money, it’s a good buy.


Very lightweight
Easy installation
Good price


Not as good as many competitors

MAT66 ProBlack 80 mil Car Sound Deadening Mat – Good Quality, Fair Price

matt66 one of the best sound deadening mats

Another good option is the MAT66 ProBlack sound damping mats. Another butyl and aluminum coated material, these mats will do a good job at dampening unwanted noise.

They claim to be 20% cheaper than their rivals, and while it is cheaper than some, I think for the price and quality of deadening you get, they’re on a par with other cheaper brands.

It does everything you’d expect of a butyl and aluminum sound deadening mat, such as improving the car acoustics and helping regulate the temperature in the summer.

The odour is pretty much gone after installation, and you won’t suffer from any melting rubbery smells during the summer as this is well designed.

There should be no problems with the installation as it’s light and easy to cut and roll out. In fact, the only difference with this and the other cheaper products is the black aluminum coating.


Nothing about this stands out or lets it down. If you don’t want to spend much more getting the best sound deadening insulation, then this is a good option.


Good price
Easy installation


Not as good as many competitors

SOOMJ 394 mil Sound Deadening Material – Thick Yet Lightweight Sound Deadening For Engines

soomj best sound deadening mat for engines

The last sound deadening mats on the review is the SOOMJ 394 mil Sound Deadening Mats. That’s an incredible 10mm thick, and while it’s a bit thick for everywhere, it’s a great choice for damping the engine hood.

Don’t be fooled, however, it can be installed in many places throughout the car, but you’ll have to use it with a thinner material for those tighter areas.

Designed with a brand-new aluminum and PE material, which is a mix of similar polymers of ethylene, which produces a high quality tri-layer, twin density lightweight foam laminate.

This sound deadening material ensures you get a good damping material and one that will withstand extreme heat. Perfect for the engine area.

It’s non-flammable, flame retardant, and the fireproof grade material has a distortion temperature of 200℃ or 392℉.

Being so thick, you might be excused for thinking it’s difficult to cut, but the thick material is pretty lightweight and you shouldn’t have any problems with a boxcutter.


This a good quality, albeit thick sound deadening material. Its heat resistant and fireproof grade qualities mean it is perfect for under the hood.


Very thick
Will dampen the sound as good as any


Too thick for all over installation

Best Sound Deadening Spray for Cars

Looking for the best sound deadening spray for a car? Look no further. We’ve added a couple in our review and these two are the best-selling deadening sprays for good reason.

While they are very useful, sound deadening sprays aren’t as good as mats or rolls of material, but they do a good job, and get in the tight areas mats can’t.

That’s not to say, you can’t do a full car with spray because you can. Just that we wouldn’t recommend that. For best sound deadening results, it’s a good idea to use both mats and spray.

Lizard Skins Sound Barrier – The Best Sound Deadening Acrylic Spray

lizard skin sound deadening spray

The first spray dampening spray on our review is one of the most popular products on the market: Lizard Skins Sound Barrier.

Coming in a gallon tin, the sound insulator fights against unwanted vibrations, and with a ceramic finish, the hard finish acts as a solid protector.

You will need to get a separate spray gun if you choose to get this, but they’re cheap enough and good value if you intend to spray a lot of the car.

The sound deadening spray cuts out an impressive amount of noise if you choose to use this as an all over job. If you do, it will be easier than applying the mats, and although the job won’t be as good the difference will be very noticeable.

Of course, this isn’t just a sound insulator. Because of it’s ceramic properties, it acts as a heat barrier, making it an ideal product for the engine and firewall areas.

This ensures your cabin remains cooler in the summer months, while alos protecting the bare metal against any scuffs that come along with being exposed to the elements.

Unlike our other spray product: the Boom Mat Spray from DEI, this Lizard Skin water-soluble, spray isn’t toxic and is in fact environmentally friendly. This ensures there’s no damaging smell in the air while you apply it.

You should still wear a protective mask and gloves, however, as you wouldn’t want to breathe it in

The company claims that a gallon tub will cover 20-23sq ft if you apply 40 mils thickness, and because eit only comes in gallon tubs, it’s not the ideal product for only getting into the smaller areas.


One of the best sound deadening sprays for a car. It will dampen the sound, protect your car against heat and scratches, and make the job of deadening a full car much easier than applying mats.


od sound dampening for a spray
Makes the job easier than mats


Only comes in gallon tubs
Paint sprayer is necessary

DEI Boom Mat Spray – The Best Sound Deadening Aerosol Spray 

The last sound deadening product on our review comes from DEI, a market leader in the automotive soundproofing industry.

The Boom Mat spray is the best-selling aerosol spray and it not only dampens the unwanted noises, but also protects your car.

This durable spray does as advertised, and the protective coating can be sprayed everywhere including under the hood and even undercarriage of your car. This will help protect the bare metal against rust, cracks and all other damage.

The sound deadening spray also acts as a thermal barrier up to 300 degrees, making it an ideal deadener for the engine hood and firewalls.

And of course it can be used for all the hard-to-reach areas, such as behind any tight fitting levers, and on the inside sheet metal of the car doors.

A full can will cover approximately 20sq ft, but this depends how conservative you are with the layers. And don’t forget, you should spray at lest 2 coats.

Each coat is touch dry within 20 minutes, and if you intend to paint over it, you can do so after 56 hours of the final coat.

As with all aerosols, this one does have a bad smell when you apply it, so ensure you wear an industrial, protective mask and gloves. Don’t fear of the smell, however, as this quickly dissipates within days of applying it.

While it’s great for spraying on metals, it’s not ideal for plastics, unless you roughen the surface with some sandpaper.


This is a great sound deadening spray can. Perfect for finishing off a full job, and even more perfect for anyone wanting to dampen the bare metal areas such as the engine, firewall and exhaust.


Good thermal barrier
Protects the undercarraige
Cheaper than mats


Bad odour when applying
Not as good as mats

Buyer’s Guide – Getting The Best Sound Deadening Material

Whether you want mats or rolls, getting the best sound deadening material is the same, but what exactly should you look for?

Things to be aware of before getting your Sound Deadening Mats:


Brands use different materials and substances in their sound deadening products, but they all work to do the same job. Some better than others.

Most mats are made from butyl rubber which is a synthetic polymer and have an aluminum skin, which helps regulate the heat.

Other popular car sound deadening materials include asphalt based foam, and woven fiber, but these aren’t as protective against natures elements as butyl rubber.

Sprays are also popular and although they’re not as effective as mats, the rubber, vinyl and sometimes ceramic solutions will make installation easier and you will improve the sound dampening in your car.


Soundproofing a car is hard work, and installing deadening material takes a fair bit of time. Some, you have to heat or even apply adhesive to before applying it to your car.

For me, these are pointless, because self adhesive mats are perfect and will save you a lot of time and mess. Some are also easier to cut than others, so make sure you get something that suits your skill.


Of course, thickness plays a part in the quality of the sound deadening. After all, the more deadening material, the more sound it will dampen.

Thicker mats absorb shockwaves better, so they are better at dampening unwanted sounds. But the thicker the sound deadening material, the harder they are to cut and install. Not forgetting, the thicker mats might struggle to get everywhere as there are many tight areas to soundproof.

Sound Deadening Mats vs Rolls

This is down to personal preference, as the material is all the same, if you get the same brand of course.

Mats are easier to work with and are more manageable. Although if you want a full clean lay across bigger areas, a roll will be best. But the truth is, you don’t need it to be neat, and rough edges are fine because it will all be covered when you put the panels and carpet back on anyway.

Temperature Regulator

Some sound deadening material also helps with temperature control. So when making a purchase, go for a product that can withstand heat especially if you live in hot areas.

Some of those that aren’t heat resistant have been known to wilt themselves if exposed to too much sunlight, or if it’s under the hood and close to the engine. They tend to melt and release unpleasant smells, so if you live somewhere that’s hot most of the year or you intend to dampen the hood, you’re better getting some heat resistant sound deadening mats.

Dirt Resistant

Your sound deadening mats will be exposed to many elements, as your car throws up all sorts of dirt while you’re on the road. So, make sure the brand you opt for has dirt resistance technology.

Getting The Best Sound Deadening Mats – FAQs

Is sound deadening a car worth it?

It depends on how good you want the fidelity in your car, or if you just want to cut out the annoying vibrations of course. For most people, it’s not necessary, but if you’re an audiophile that demands the perfect soundstage, it’s a small price to pay.

How much sound deadening do i need?

It depends how much of your vehicle you intend to cover and of course how big your vehicle is. For the average mid-size car you’ll need the following:

  • 4 Doors – 28sq ft
  • Firewall – 15sq ft
  • Floor – 28sq ft
  • Trunk – 24sq ft
  • Hood – 18sq ft
  • Everywhere – 133sq ft
vehicle square foot estimation chart - good information for anyone who wants to install sound deadening

But remember, you don’t need to cover 100% of your vehicle to get the desired result. Just covering the doors, or even parts of the doors will make a difference.

How easy is it to install sound deadening?

It’s not easy, but it’s not as difficult as it looks. The thing about installing sound deadening in your car is that it’s time consuming, especially if you’re doing the whole car. For step by step instructions on how to install sound deadening look no further.

What is the best sound deadening material?

Dynamat makes the best sound deadening material and its made of butyl rubber and aluminum.

Where is the best place to put sound deadening in a car?

The most popular place is the car doors, but of course your car rattles everywhere, so you have to decide which is your preferred area for applying sound deadening, unless you apply it everywhere.

What does sound proofing do?

Sound proofing is a common term used for sound deadening, but you can’t fully sound proof your car. But basically, sound deadening reduces the noise from any vibrations your car makes and also cuts the chance external noise gets to seep into your car.

How does sound proofing work?

Sound proofing works by applying it to any flimsy metal or plastic that is prone to vibrate. Whether it vibrates against another part of the car or if it just vibrates from the motion of a moving car, sound deadening will cut out most of the noise made from the annoying vibrations.

Is Dynamat worth the extra cost?

There’s no doubt that Dynamat is expensive and quite a bit more than its nearest rival, but quality comes at a cost, and in my opinion, it’s worth spending that bit extra.

That’s not to say, others won’t do a job because they will, but if you want the best sound deadening material, spend that bit more and get some Dynamat.

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