Top-Performing Heads Up Displays for Optimal Visibility

Top-Performing Heads Up Displays for Optimal Visibility

Looking for the best heads up display to ensure your journeys are as safe as can be? Look no further, we have compiled a review of what we think are the 10 best head up displays available on the market.

Accident rates are rising and taking your eyes off the road for a split second does impact the control you have over your vehicle. So getting a heads up display that is clearly in your vision will improve yours and your passengers’ safety while you’re out on a drive.

A heads up display (HUD) projects your important information on your windshield or on a small device that you install on your dash, making it much easier to keep in control of your speed and other important data while driving.

There are many great HUDs on the market, and for this review we have chosen a mix of some great projection heads up displays, GPS devices with satellite navigation, and others that are for anyone budgeting and those that are happy to splash out.

Whatever heads up display you’re looking for, I’m sure you’ll find something to suit below.

The Best Heads Up Display For Your Car

VGEBY A8 HUD – 5.5” HUD Device – Multicolored Heads Up Display

VGEBY 5.5'' Best Heads Display

To start this Heads Up Display review we’re going with the he VGEBY A8 HUD. It is one of the most popular devices on the market and is an easy installation display that gives you plenty of driving data.

What I like about this HUD is the data projected on the windshield is clear, multicolored and it offers plenty of different data.

The projected display offers information, such as speed, engine speed, water temperature, battery voltage, fuel consumption, mileage measurement, and much more.

The device is 5.5 inches and the display projection is both clear at night and in the brightest of sunny days. This is because the HUD utilizes nano-technology, which eliminates unwanted reflections and makes the display information sharper.

You can also manually adjust the display to your desired brightness if it’s not to your liking, but the automatic adjustment seems to work well enough.

One of the best things about this device is the speed camera warning. That’s right, as well as alerting you when you’re going too fast, the heads up display will flicker and alarm if there is a traffic enforcement camera ahead. Making speeding penalties a thing of the past.

If you start driving too fast, the head up display will turn on the automatic highspeed mode, which turns all other data off except the MPH you are going. This can be a bit annoying, but it does make it safer for you, and you can switch it off.

For further safety, there’s a fatigue driving indicator light that will remind you to take a break, especially if you’re on a long drive. For some people this can also be annoying so it can be disabled, too.

The fuel consumption data isn’t the most accurate, but it’s close enough so nothing to worry about. Something the heads up display is lacking is a time display or travel time. It’s not that important, but it’s always a nice addition.


I really like this projected heads up display. The display is clear and bright no matter what your surroundings are like. It does lack a few small features, but for anyone with safety in mind, you should definitely consider this one.

  • Multicolored and clear display
  • Driving speed warning
  • Traffic enforcement camera warnings
  • Lacks travel time display
  • No GPS

Dagood A8 Head Up Display – 5.5” Color HUD

Dagood A8 HUD - best car heads up display with multicolored display

The Dagood A8 HUD is a clear and bright milticolor heads up display that projects beautifully onto your windshield.

The data is displayed in 5 different colors, which makes the more important details easier to discern while you’re driving. The display brightness can either be manually or automatically adjusted so no matter what the environment is there will be zero glare and the display will project clearly.

The device is 5.5” and sits on your dash, while projecting the display onto your windshield. Utilizing nanotechnology the Dagood A8 HUD eliminates unwanted reflections making the display perfectly clear and the information easier to read.

The device can be either imperial or metric, so you can safely keep track of your driving speed no matter where in the world you are. There’s also a speed alarm that alerts you if you’re going too fast. The gauge will also flicker and alarm when you exceed a speed limit that you set up in advance.

As well as driving speed, the display reminds you to shift gears, your water and engine temperature in both ℃ or ℉, fuel consumption, driving distance and time.

There’s also a fatigue driving reminder. This driving indicator light will flash to remind the driver to have a rest when you’re on a long journey. Of course, you can switch this off but the feature is good and it makes driving safer, especially on long journeys.

Other features the HUD displays include battery voltage, instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, mileage measurement, engine fault alarm, fault code elimination.

The device will work with pretty much any car produced after 2008 and is basically plug and play with OBD2 and EUOBD standard.


I really like this HUD. It easily sticks onto your dash, it’s basically a plug and play, it has auto adjustment for brightness, and best of all it looks cool. For the price, I think it’s a really good buy for anyone wanting a head up display projected onto their windshield.

  • Multicolored and clear display
  • Driving speed warning
  • Driving fatigue reminder
  • No GPS

Garmin DriveSmart 65 – GPS Heads Up Display For Car

Garmin DriveSmart 65 - Best heads up display with GPS

The next heads up display on our review is the Garmin DriveSmart 65 GPS, an easy to use GPS navigator with a large 6.95 inch display that directs you on your journeys, while also showing you other important information such as your driving speed.

Garmin is arguably the leading brand in satellite navigation and the DriveSmart 65 boasts pretty much everything that’s good about Garmin GPS devices.

The device includes detailed maps of the US and Canada, that can be either 3D or map standard, and with built in WiFi, the maps update easily without the need to connect the GPS to your computer.

Everything can be controlled with voice activation, and it can also be paired with a GPS enabled smartphone, allowing you to make hands free calls. Not only this, but the heads up display also benefits from smart notifications and live traffic via the Garmin Drive App.

For anyone on a road trip and going into the unknown, the device is loaded with North America’s famous historic sites and national parks. And with built in TripAdvisor you can quickly discover ratings of anywhere you intend to visit, all voice activated of course.

Traffic is of course something we all try to avoid, and the Garmin HUD outsmarts traffic jams thanks to the Garmin traffic feature, all of which is done via the Garmin Drive App and a Bluetooth connection.

This offers your GPS display real-time traffic information, and alerts you about any potential delays, suggesting alternative routes. Yes, you get this with many other GPS systems, but the updating seems to be much faster with the Garmin DriveSmart 65.

The Garmin GPS also updates live parking, which is available in most city centers, while also offering live traffic and weather conditions on your route.

The map and display route also makes it safer for drivers thanks to the driver alerts that warn you of upcoming sharp curves, speed changes, railroad crossings and many other safety features.

You can set the GPS to speak your route, by telling you the directions, while using street names, store names and recognizable landmarks. This for some is an annoyance, so there’s the option of switching it off, too.

And if the device is paired with your smartphone, your display will also show your text messages and other notifications from your phone.


The Garmin DriveSmart 65 is one of the more expensive heads up displays and doesn’t project the data on your windshield. But for anyone wanting a GPS satellite navigation system, the software and processing speed, and map details of this device is second-to-none.

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  • GPS
  • Maps are precise and informative
  • Smartphone compatibility offers much more
  • Redirects you away from traffic congestion
  • Doesn’t project onto your windshield

Lufi XF Revolution OBD2 Heads Up Display

Lufi XF Revolution - car heads up display with multiple gauges

The Lufi XF Revolution OBD2 Multi-Data Heads Up Display (HUD) is one of our favorite heads up displays, thanks to the sporty Formula One look and of course the device’s multiple gauge interfaces.

Coming with intuitive and customizable interfaces, and offering multi-data display with over 50 gauges in one, the Lufi XF head up display earns many good reviews on Amazon and for good reason.

As well as being highly customizable, the data is as accurate with really fast response. The display allows you to track digital speed (metric or imperial), fuel consumption, voltage, water temperature, and much more.

Don’t worry if you’re driving in the day or night, because the high-quality 3.5” TFT color display has an automatic or manual brightness control, which makes visibility of the head up display crystal clear no matter what surroundings you’re in.

Anyone keeping track of their speed, the HUD display boasts a multi-color sequential LED for visual speed indication. What’s more, the information changes color as you go faster, making awareness of driving conditions and enhancing safety much easier to control.

Among many other features the display warns you when you have high temperature, low voltage, engine heats up, and even reminds you to shift gear. As well as these there are innumerable other options from multiple main screens down to selecting each readouts sensor, color, warning lights.

The device doesn’t project onto your screen, but instead mounts either on the dash or your screen with the adjustable bracket, and gives your car that sporty Formula One look.

It is perfect for beginners as it basically plugs into your OBD2 and plays. it also has full digital on-display instructions in English, with extra pop up for advanced features.


The heads up display is beautiful and well designed. It is extremely responsive and the beautiful sharp LED screen and multitude of options makes it very popular. A perfect buy for anyone.

  • Crystal clear LED display
  • Highly customizable with over 50 gauges
  • Information changes color as you go faster, making driving safer
  • Offers lots of data
  • Doesn’t project on windshield
  • No GPS

Kingneed GPS Speedometer HUD Digital Display

Kingneed GPS Speedometer - Best budget heads up display

If you’re after a heads up display and you don’t want to break the bank, the Kingneed GPS device is perfect.

Compatible with most vehicles, the green digital display comes in several different sizes from 3 inches up to 9.5 inches.

The HUD doesn’t project onto your windshield, but with a nice and clean green digital display the display is accurate and shows all the important information you need while driving.

The GPS usually takes up to 2 minutes when you first switch on the HUD, but once you are connected the device presents information accurately and clearly.

The GPS heads up display presents your speeds MPH and KMH, driving time and distance, altitude, and automatically sets to any local time. The display presents several different data points, but if you prefer you can set it to driving speed only.

The driving data comes from GPS so it isn’t as accurate as some of the other heads up displays, but because of this slight deviation is unavoidable.

For driver safety, there’s an alarm to alert you if you’re driving too fast. When kicked into action, your HUD will beep 3 times. If you continue to speed, the device will stop alerting you, and this feature can also be switched off if you don’t like it.


There are better heads up displays in this review, but there are also much more expensive ones. This HUD is cheap and looks cool. The accuracy isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough. If you want a HUD and don’t want to spend much, take a closer look.

  • GPS updates local times if crossing time zones
  • Displays altitude
  • Cheap Heads Up Display
  • Data can be a little out
  • Display is only in green


ACECAR Head Up Display

The ACECAR Heads Up Display is another bargain HUD that projects your important information onto your windshield while you’re driving.

Available in pretty much any OBD 2 car, the ACECAR Heads Up Display utilizes nanotechnology, resulting in crisp and clear projected data while negating any unwanted reflection.

There’s the choice of automatic or manual brightness adjustment setting, so the display is clear whether the sun is beaming into your car or it’s late at night.

If your car is older than 2008 and isn’t OBD 2, or if you have a hybrid electric vehicle, diesel car, pickup truck, RV, it’s advisable to switch the HUD onto the GPS mode.

The high-definition display is colorful and displays all the important information you need. There are different settings for the display and you can enjoy anything from a basic speedometer to MPH with decorative lights.

As well as your speed (both MPH and KPH), the heads up display boasts a fatigue driving alarm, driving distance, a water temperature and battery voltage icons,

The data while using GPS mode can be a little out. Some people say 1-2 MPH out, which isn’t alarming, but it’s important to note that you can calibrate the speedometer, and play about with it so you get real time accurate data.


The ACECAR heads up display is a good cheap option for anyone who likes their display on the windshield. It’s colorful, it looks cool, and for the price the accuracy is good. It lacks some features, but for the price entry, it’s a good buy.

  • Crisp and clear multicolored display
  • Cheap
  • Offers plenty of data including many safety features
  • Data can be a little out of synch

Lttrbx. T600 Universal Car HUD

Lttrbx heads up display

The next HUD on our Heads Up Display review is the T600 Universal from Lttrbx. an on dash heads up display that offers all important information in clear view.

It works with pretty much any vehicle thanks to its interchangeable OBDII compatibility and GPS settings. The device should be mounted on the sticky pad ideally in the center of your dash so you can keep the important information in your view at all times.

The T600’s 2.2 inch display boasts a TFT (thin-film transistor) LCD, which offers a high-definition screen. And sitting at a 30° angle, the HUD ensures your information is clearly displayed in your view, and even clearer than other windshield projected HUDs.

The Head Up Display also boasts multicolored switching function for several gauge interfaces, which allows you to display the information you want on the gauge of your choice.

The information it will display includes your driving speed in either MPH or KPH, driving distance, and it also boasts a speeding alarm, which will alert you if you’re going too fast.

Among other information, there’s an altitude display, a water temperature and low voltage displays and alarms, and it even shows the satellite time and number if you’re using the GPS.


For anyone wanting an on-dash heads up display and GPS, the Lttrbx. T600 device is ideal. It’s universal and can be used in pretty much any vehicle. The information is pretty accurate, with configuration settings if it does go out of synch, and although it’s not the cheapest HUD, it’s well under $50.

  • Crystal clear display
  • Several gauge interfaces with plenty of data
  • Good driving safety features
  • Cheap
  • Doesn’t project on windshield

SHEROX ‎TCA A100 – 3.5″ Car Heads Up Display

HEROX 3.5_ Car HUD Head Up Display

If you’re looking for a simple and accurate heads up display, the SHEROX TCA A100 HUD is perfect. To be clear, this doesn’t display a lot of information, but if you’re only interested in displaying your driving speed, and the occasional temperature or speeding warning, then this is a great choice.

There’s no GPS, so anyone with an electric vehicle, diesel, truck, van, RV, should look elsewhere, but it is compatible with most fuel cars that utilize OBD II or EUOBD.

Simply plug it in, and the 3.5-inch display will project the information in large font onto your windshield. As stated, the SHEROX TCA A100 HUD is for minimalists, but the simple yet elegant display is much easier to read, and eradicates what some people find unnecessary information.

The information displayed is your speed in either MPH and KPH, water temperature, voltage level and travel mileage. The heads up display is very accurate, and is brightly lit with automatic or manual brightness adjustments.

Some people prefer not to use the reflective film on their windshield, and while this minimalist look is clearer than busier gauges, there is still a double glare if you choose not to use it. That said, it is easy to read it still, so the choice is yours.


The SHEROX ‎TCA A100 Heads Up Display is simple in design and elegant looking. If you want a lot of information while driving, this isn’t for you. But if you want something that’s easy to read, looks cool and is projected clearly on your windshield, you might like this one.

  • Accurate data updates
  • Clear data displayed
  • Not much data displayed
  • Looks basic

BOYO VISION VTHUDpro with Apple Car Play and Android Auto

BOYO Vision VTHUDpro - best RV, truck heads up display

Arguably the best Heads Up Display is the BOYO VISION VTHUDpro, which is an Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible device.

The HUD is big and with a screen size of 15”, it’s perfect for bigger cars, RVs, and trucks. And with a novel built in clear display the projected information is crystal clear and perfectly in line of sight.

The Display affixes to the dashboard behind the steering wheel using the adhesive on its base, but it’s pretty big so make sure you’re comfortable with something taking up that amount of room in your vehicle. Of course you can install it in the middle of your dash, but with a bigger vehicle directly behind the steering wheel will be the best location.

There’s an automatic or manual brightness adjustment, so the display screen is sharp and easy to read no matter what environment you’re driving in.

To enable either Apple Car Play or Android Auto, you have to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth, but once connected you have a multitude of options on your head up display.

It boasts voice control features, too, so you can direct Siri or Google Assistant to make calls, dictate text messages and emails. You can even tell your Heads Up Display to find the quickest route to your destination and it will automatically start directing you there via detailed maps application.

With a smartphone synchronized, the BOYO VISION VTHUDpro device allows you to listen to music, or the radio as it comes with a built in FM frequency.

There’s also the standard speedometer, which is as accurate as you can get with a HUD. This is accessible only via the OBD II port, but as with all other HUDs in this review the device comes with the ready wires.

There’s also a steering wheel control (SWC), which gives you more safer options for directing your HUD and ensuring your journeys are safer. You can also use the SWC to switch Siri or Google Assistant on.


The BOYO Vision VTHUDpro is expensive. That said, it has many more features than what you’ll get with standard Heads Up Displays. If you want a display that’s bigger than others, has more to offer, and you’re not budgeting this one is worth thinking about.

  • Apple Car Play and Android Auto Compatible
  • Voice Control
  • Clear data display
  • Accurate data update
  • Great for big vehicles
  • Expensive
  • A bit big for smaller cars

FXTFUL X500 Head Up Display with Smartphone Connectivity

FXTUL HUD Car Head Up Display

Last but certainly not least is the beautiful heads up display from FXTUL. It’s on the higher bracket of the price entry but for just over $100, I believe it’s well worth considering.

The X500 HUD connects with any OBD2 interface and GPS via the cigarette lighter. You can pair it up with your smartphone via Bluetooth and the

The HUD should be installed on top of your dashboard and the curved optical projection glass will show all the vital information, including speed, fuel consumption, water temperature, voltage indicator all in a clear white font.

The MPH information is pretty accurate in real time, although it can be calibrated if it begins to lose ground. The GPS navigator, however, is used in collaboration with a smartphone app and updates in real time with no issues.

The curved optical projection display can be located clearly in your view, and thanks to the clarity of the display it makes for safer vehicle info display, unobstructed view.

As well as these, the display automatically switches to a map whenever you use the GPS satellite navigation system. The X500 utilizes the built-in map navigation in Anavi for fast and accurate navigation and supports most regions around the world.

For driver safety, there’s a speeding alarm that triggers whenever you’re going too fast. Of course, this makes you a safer driver while also keeping the cops off your back.


I really like this heads up display. Some people like the information projected onto their windshield, but don’t like to use the stick-on display. This FXTFUL X500 covers that thanks to the curved optical projection display, which can be viewed clearly from pretty much any angle.

  • The curved display makes it clear no matter what angle
  • Smartphone compatible
  • Driving safety alarms
  • GPS global maps
  • Display is only in white

Heads Up Display Buyer’s Guide

So you want the best heads up display but not really sure what to look for or what questions to ask. Don’t worry, read this buyer’s guide for all the information you’ll need when buying a head up display.

A HUD is a transparent display that is mounted on your dash and either projects onto your windshield or onto a display that sits in perfect view while you’re driving. This allows you to keep your attention on the road instead of looking elsewhere while you’re driving.

That’s where the name heads up display comes from: You don’t have to look down for all the vital information needed while on the road.

What Are Heads Up Displays For?

Some people wonder why the need for a heads up display when vehicles have the all-important speedometer and other gages that warn us while we’re driving. So, what is it about Heads Up Displays that make them so popular among drivers?

Heads Up Displays are devices that plug into our car’s computer system and display data onto your windshield. It displays all sorts of data including MPH/KPH, temperature, navigation and offers warning signals if you’re driving too fast, and much more.

Why Get a Heads Up Display When Your Car Has A Speedometer?

A heads up display will project your driving data right in your line of sight. Of curse, your car has a speedometer, but looking down at it while driving at just 50 MPH is the equivalent of driving 72 ft (22 meters) with your eyes closed. And of course the more you look away even for a split second impacts the safety of you and your passengers.

Are HUDs Safe?

People who have never had a HUD might see one and think it’s in the way of your vision and the distraction it offers even makes it more dangerous to drive.

And while they can be a distraction, the vision you have through a full interrupted windshield is more than enough. Therefore, a HUD that shows only critical data in your line of sight makes it safe in our opinion.

How Do Heads Up Displays Work?

There are two different types of heads up displays. Some have a section of the windshield that is embedded with transparent phosphors. This is also stuck on the windshield if you buy a third party HUD. Others have the transparent phosphor as a display screen, and the data is projected on it.

What To Look For In A Good Heads Up Display

The Display

Of course you want a display that suits you, and you want to make sure you either get one that projects onto your windshield or a device that displays it all on your dash.

Whichever one you get, you want to make sure, it’s bright enough in all environments, so getting something that automatically and manually adjusts is important.

What your display shows is another important factor. Some people like to keep it simple with just a speedometer and a few warning signals while other prefer a busy gauge with lots of information on.

As well as speed, you can get HUDs that remind you to take a break, if you’re low on fuel, water or your battery is overheating. Again, this is self-preference, so make sure you get a heads up display that offers all the information you need.

Compatibility and Connectivity

You will connect your HUD with a wire into the OBDII port. Some people don’t like the wire, but if it’s a permanent fixture you can install it properly so it isn’t hanging loose.

The best Head Up Displays will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. HUDs that don’t allow for mobile phone connectivity won’t be able to display as much information as smartphone enabled devices.

Having a Heads Up Display that is smartphone compatible gives you many more options including making and receiving calls, and other third party applications. And if its Car Play or Android Auto compatible you’ll have even more options such as voice control.

You might want to make sure it has a GPS navigation as well. Then your HUD will turn be able to guide you on any journey with the map navigation system.

Getting The Best Car Heads Up Display

Many new cars have an inbuilt head up display, but if yours doesn’t, they’re easy to install. Basically, just a plug and play, and adjust the settings to your liking.

We have much of the necessary data on our dashboard, but installing a heads up display will enhance your driving experience and make it safer to drive.

Remember a slight glance away from your windshield when driving at 50 MPH is like driving with your eyes closed for over 70 feet. Therefore, having your driving data in your vision at all times makes it much safer to drive.

It’s not only speed, but the best heads up displays offer much more, including warning signals if you’re going too fast, driving fatigue warnings, GPS maps, and much more. Whatever it is you’re looking for with a heads up display, we’re confident that you will be glad you got one.

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