The Best Double DIN Head Units

The Best Double DIN Head Units

So you’ve decided to replace the old car stereo, but not sure what is the best double DIN head unit for you. It’s a familiar story, and many are put off because of the multitude of options, especially if they’re replacing a single DIN for a double.

The head unit is the centerpiece of your car audio stereo, and you should definitely do some research, because it’s not just about the features.

Gone are the days when we just have a car radio, and even CD players are quickly becoming a thing of the past. We all want multimedia nowadays, and the bigger the screen, the better, especially for those who have families.

But what is the best double DIN head unit? What should you look for? As with everything in the car audio industry, what’s best for one might not be for the next person. So, you have to decide what features you need, and decide on the best double DIN car stereo you can afford.

Double DIN Head Unit Review

In this double DIN head unit review, I have chosen a variety of models at different price ranges. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for, so don’t expect a cheap model to perform as well as something x10 more expensive, even if it has the same features.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, the double DIN head units below are 10 of the best at different price entries and offering different features. I hope you find what you’re looking for…

*As an eBay and Amazon Associate, I may earn commission from qualifying purchases of any reviewed product.

The Best Double DIN Head Unit

JVC KW-M56BT 2DIN Car Stereo

JVC- best double DIN head unit

The first receiver on my review is the JVC KW-M56BT – probably the best double DIN head unit for the money.

Unlike most other double DIN car stereos the JVC KW-M56BT is universal and will fit in pretty much any double DIN mount no matter what vehicle you have.

With a 6.8-inch capacitive touch screen display boasting high-definition images and a superior touch control, you need delicate, lighter contact to control your media with greater accuracy.

The double DIN JVC car stereo is Apple Car Play and Android Auto compatible via the USB cable. This gives you everything you need such as hands-free calling, dictating text messages, and voice control over other apps on your mobile device.

The USB also boasts High Current 1.5A charging, which allows you to charge your other devices x1.5 faster than standard USB ports.

The JVC KW-M56BT car radio supports Bluetooth, which also enables you to stream music and make hands-free calls without the necessity of clunky wires.

You can also pair more than one smartphone with the JVC car stereo, and quickly switch from device to device, allowing you and your passengers to take it in turns at streaming music.

The head unit is compatible with the JVC remote app, which you can download from the App Store or Google Play and gives you a wireless remote control using your phone.

Gesture Touch Control for JVC car stereo

The JVC car stereo also features Gesture Touch Control feature, which allows you to turn your display into a control by simply touching it and moving your finger in certain directions to orchestrate your audio and video to your liking.

The device supports rear view camera, and comes with an input that allows you to connect an external rear view camera. This turns your display into a parking aid when you’re backing up, making those nightmare reverse parking moments a thing of the past.

Anyone who demands a head unit that puts music first, the JVC car stereo has many more high-standard audio outputs than other multimedia head units in the price range.

The unit boasts a 13-band EQ with digital time alignment and subwoofer level, phase, and low-pass crossover controls, and it supports a variety of file formats including FLAC, which ensures you get crisp audio.


Whatever the reason for getting a double DIN head unit, the JVC KW-M56BT has you covered. Car Play, Android Auto, and Mirror Link ready, and voice control and a high-resolution sensitive display that gives you greater control over your video and audio than any other device in the price range.


Universal fitting
Sensitive touchscreen
Apple Car Play & Android Auto
Pristine Audio features


No external camera, so you’ll have to buy separately

Hieha CP28 2 DIN Mechless, Touchscreen Car Stereo

hieha - best double DIN car stereo

The Hieha CP28 2-DIN multimedia player is almost universal and is an excellent choice for anyone wanting everything in their car, with arguably the best double DIN touchscreen head unit.

The 7-inch high-definition touchscreen display is clear and sensitive, and also gives you the option of day or night mode and brightness controls, making it perfect for watching movies no matter what the environment is.

Hieha claims the touchscreen display wake up time is twice as fast as previous generations, offering you speed and better functionality without any frustration that lesser sensitive head units bring.

The car stereo is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible and both are seamless to integrate. To synchronize your smartphone, simply connect it to your head unit via the USB port, and you will immediately have all functions of your phone on your radio display.

As well as movie streaming, it will give you access to your phone contacts, emails, notifications, map navigation, music, and much more. And with in-built Voice Control, you will be able to make calls and dictate text messages without having to touch your smartphone.

The Double DIN head unit also boasts Bluetooth (not all of them do), which allows you to stream your music without any clunky wires getting in the way.

reverse camera input

Bluetooth also allows you to use the Mirror Link feature, which will allow you to project most data from your smartphone on to your touschsreen display.

The Hieha double DIN head unit comes with a rearview camera and all the wiring. Once installed, whenever your car is in reverse mode your screen will automatically display your rear view, making reverse parking difficulties a thing of the past.

Everything can be controlled from your steering wheel, if you have an SWC. This allows you to control your media as well as make calls without having to stretch.

The audio quality is to a high standard and with 60W RMS the pre-amp output is impressive in this car stereo, although with no FLAC file compatibility that is probably its only let down. That said, it supports most other files, so with good quality speakers, you’ll have no problems reproducing some high fidelity.


This is a nice head unit and offers everything you need with a double DIN, mechless multimedia player. If you want a car DVD player, this isn’t for you, but for all the modern features at this price entry, it’s a good quality head unit.


Night mode display
Apple Car Play & Android Auto
Rear-view camera included


Doesn’t support FLAC files

Pioneer AVH-2500NEX In-Dash Car DVD Player

pioneer best double DIN head unit

If you want the best double DIN head unit, and money isn’t an issue, the Pioneer AVH-2500NEX 6.8-inch, in-dash car stereo is hard to beat.

Firstly, it’s much more expensive than most others in my review, but if you want the very best features, you have to pay the extra bucks.

The Pioneer double DIN car stereo has all the features you’d expect, including Bluetooth, USB, sensitive touchscreen, CD and car DVD player. It’s Apple Car Play and Android Auto ready, and boasts HD Radio, Pandora, and even has in-built capability for applications such as Amazon Alexa and SiriusXM.

The NEX 6.8” display is the most innovative and sensitive touchscreen on the market. Utilizing WVGA (800×480) technology, the NEX’s display glare is eradicated and the picture will remain pristine no matter the surroundings, which is great if any passenger is wanting to watch something and the sun is glaring.

The display also mirrors your smartphone when connected through Car Play or Android Auto. In these modes, the user interface offers a side-by-side layout customization with your phone and enlarges key features such as play/pause/skip buttons when playing any media.

Car Play and Android auto can be used with a USB connection, and this brings you all the features of your smartphone to your car radio.

If you’re busy and want to do your office work while commuting the Pioneer head unit is perfect. The built-in microphone also allows you to do all your tasks such as taking hands-free calls, dictating text messages, and even listening to messages and emails by asking it to read them out.

The head unit has Amazon Alexa built-in when paired with the Pioneer Vozsis App. The smartphone app is for both iOS and Android OS devices and brings Alexa capabilities to your device.

Once downloaded, you will be able to use Alexa within seconds to make your drive a much better and safer experience. Just tap and ask Alexa to play music, listen to the news, check the weather, and much more.

enhanced user interface

The NEX Pioneer double DIN head unit comes with HD Radio. The difference with HD and standard wavelengths like FM/AM is unbelievable. It offers clear digital quality and many more channels, and once you get used to it FM will become a thing of the past.

The car audio device is also Pandora and SiriusXM ready, which if you connect will give you a multitude of extra options for different commercial free stations.

Car stereos used to be just that, and many cheaper multimedia players skip on the audio features, but the Pioneer NEX head unit is second-to-none when it comes to enhancing your listening experience.

With sound quality features like built-in Auto EQ and Time Alignment, 13-Band Graphic Equalizer with touch panel swipe settings you can really sculpt the soundscape to your liking.

And with built-in high/low pass crossover with adjustable points and slopes, you have so much control over the frequency settings that you don’t get with most other car stereos.

As well as more options for connecting external components such as RCA Outputs and Subwoofer control, the Pioneer multimedia head unit is also FLAC compatible, which allows you to play high-res files for pristine sound quality.


There’s no doubting that the price of this car radio is beyond many people’s budgets. However, if you want the best double DIN head unit with features, and picture and sound quality that can’t be beaten, you should definitely consider the Pioneer AVH-2500NEX.


Sensitive touchscreen
Apple Car Play & Android Auto
Supports Amazon Alexa
Excellent audio controls and outputs
HD Radio & SiriusXM ready



Kenwood DMX7706S 2 DIN Multimedia Player

kenwood best double DIN car radio

The only car radio in my review that can rival the Pioneer NEX is this Kenwood DMX7706S 6.9-inch touchscreen mechless head unit.

They’re both a similar price, but the main difference is the Kenwood isn’t compatible with CD, and is neither a car DVD player, which is fine for many especially the younger generations. So, if money and a lack of disc compatibility aren’t an issue, you should definitely consider this car stereo.

Like you might expect, the mechless head unit comes with everything you need including support for Apple Car play and Android Auto. The clear resistive 6.9” touchscreen LCD display is designed to reduce glare, and watching it no matter how bright your environment is won’t be an issue.

The high resolution of the pixels is hard to beat and the crispness of the images is to a standard that you only usually get in home appliances, so as long as you play HD files your viewing experience will be as good as it gets on the road.

The Car Play and Android Auto features offer you a safer way to use your smartphone while in the car. These are accessible via the USB cable, and basically turn your head unit into a smartphone extension.

There’s also MirrorLink, which is similar to Car Play and Android Auto and basically projects your smartphone onto your display. This allows you to use your phone for voice calls, dictating messages, and using apps on your big screen rather than your smartphone.

The head unit is compatible with music apps such as Pandora, Spotify and can be used with a Bluetooth connection rather than using the USB. It also supports SiriusXM, which will give you a multitude of extra commercial free channels with HD crisp audio.

The Kenwood car stereo doesn’t come with backup camera, but there are 2 inputs for dual front and back cameras if you desire. This will turn your display into a reverse parking display, and also offers you back up, just in case you have any insurance issues.

13 band EQ

It’s arguably the best double DIN head unit for anyone who demands the ideal composer for their music. With a 13 band Graphic Equalizer and DTA it gives you optimal tuning enhancements.

Added with it supporting FLAC files and with the Drive EQ feature, it allows you to boost specific frequencies to your liking, so no matter what genre you listen to you can easily fine tune the audio to your liking.

Another winner for this car stereo is the Kenwood Music Mix feature. This allows up to 5 Bluetooth devices to connect to the receiver at the same time, allowing you and your passengers to take turns streaming music. This is great for long journeys and those all important ways for everyone to share their favorite tunes.


If budget isn’t really an issue and you’re not bothered for a disc player, the Kenwood DMX7706S Mechless Multimedia Player is hard to beat. Whether you want pristine videos, images, or a device that sculpts a soundscape any audiophile would enjoy, then definitely consider this head unit.


Sensitive touchscreen with pristine picture
Apple Car Play & Android Auto
SiriusXM ready
Connect up to 5 devices to stream music
Top quality audio controls and outputs



ATOTO A6 Double Din Car Stereo

atoto multimedia head unit

The next unit on my review is the ATOTO A6G2A7KL double DIN head unit. If you’re looking for the best device for under $200, this boasts everything you expect from a high-quality multimedia player and much more.

The 7-inch capacitive 1024×600 touchscreen display boasts an impressive 600cd/m2 IPS brightness – almost double that of most other displays. And with an impressive wake up speed your head unit is fully functional within 2 seconds of switching on.

The A6 previous models were best known for being an Android car stereo, the new model’s KarLink built-in display facilitates both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, both of which are controlled via the USB connection.

The receiver also supports Mirror Link, which is basically your smartphone featured on your head unit display and allows for full control of phone calls, text messaging, and streaming videos and other apps that enable Mirror Link.

The double DIN head unit boasts a built-in GPS module with an external GPS antenna, and it comes fully loaded with Google Maps app as the default GPS map, although other SatNav applications can be downloaded if you choose.

Mirror Link will also use your GPS antenna rather than your phone’s, making it more accurate, and with the built-in microphone, everything can be done through voice command, allowing you concentrate on the road with little to no distractions.

ATOTO dual wifi

The ATOTO A6 head unit is dual Wi-Fi ready on both 5 Ghz and 2.4 Ghz, so anyone with a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, can also connect to the Internet without using up any cellular data. This makes the A6 car radio perfect for anyone who enjoys long road trips or weekends away.

As well as Wi-Fi ready, the double DIN head unit boasts dual Bluetooth (5.0 and 4.0), and the 5.0 boasts SBC codec, which ensures the crispness of your audio is better. And with a high-sensitivity FM/AM radio receiver that boasts RDS/RBDS features your signal will be constantly be crisp.

The car audio stereo also boasts LRV (Live Rear-View), which allows you to see the rear view at any time, even if you’re not in reverse mode. This offers you a better panoramic rear view and covers more blind spots than just your rear-view mirror.


The ATOTO A6 is arguably the best double DIN head unit for under $200. It comes with everything you need for entertainment and organization while on the road. There’s no DVD player, but with dual Bluetooth and a Wi-Fi antenna you can stream pretty much anything onto your crisp display.


Apple Car Play & Android Auto
Dual Bluetooth
Built in GPS
Liver Rear View camera


Audio components aren’t the best

AMPrime 10-inch Touch Screen Multimedia Head Unit

amprime 2-din car stereo

For those of you who have a large RV or truck this AMPrime double DIN head unit offers a large 10-inch screen for your entertainment on the road.

Of course, if you have a standard sized vehicle, you might be ok, but you might have to make some adjustments to your DIN mounting area. Installation size is 178x100x4.5mm, but with a 1920×1080 ultra-high-resolution display, it could be worth the short-term hassle.

The car stereo is Android compatible and works via USB or wireless, and comes with the Google Play Store bult in, so you can easily download any apps. It is iOS compatible, too, but it only works via USD with any Apple devices.

The multimedia player boasts CD support, and is a car DVD player, giving you more options than other modern devices when it comes to watching movies and blasting the tunes on the road.

It boasts a built-in GPS and comes with Google Maps already installed, and you can install the application to use locally without the need of an Internet connection.

Speaking of the Internet, the car stereo receiver supports WiFi, giving you more options when it comes to using the Internet. So for those of you that own a mobile WiFi hotspot, this head unit is perfect for those road trips and weekends away.

Mirror Link works via WiFi or USB for Android, or just with USB for any iOS users, and this gives you many more options for watching movies, streaming music, or simply surfing the Internet on a much larger display.

The double DIN head unit comes equipped with a rear-view camera, which when connected turns your display into a reverse parking aid whenever you go into reverse mode.

AMprime SWC

The AMPrime head unit doesn’t have Voice Control, but it does come with Steering Wheel Control (SWC). This allows you to control your receiver from your steering wheel, including calls and switching operations on your device.

For music control, the receiver is FLAC file compatible, so you will be able to play crystal clear audio files if you have them.  At 4 x 45W the amperage is good and will wake up any factory speakers, and with an in-built EQ that boasts multiple custom settings you can really sculpt the soundscape you want.

The car radio only supports FM radio, but with multiple stations and being Bluetooth and WiFi ready, you have a world of radio stations at your fingertips anyway.


If you like a large screen, this ultra clean display gives you an almost cinematic experience in your ride. It might not fit all cars, but if you have a bigger vehicle, and enjoy good quality audio capabilities it’s definitely a good buy.


Pristine picture quality
Loud and clean sound for the money
Excellent audio options


Pretty big, might not fit in standard sized cars

UNITOPSCI Multimedia Player – Android 2-DIN Car Stereo

multimedia head unit

If you’re looking for the best budget Android head unit this 7” Touchscreen receiver from UNITOPSCI gives you all the features of a multimedia player without breaking the bank.

The double DIN car stereo touchscreen display is a good size. Coming with a rear-view camera, the unit automatically displays your rear view when you change into reverse gear and back your car up.

The head unit supports Mirror Link function for Android only, and this enables you to control your smartphone on the large display using the USB cable.

There’s a second USB port on the back, and either port gives you multiple options including, movie streaming, charging external devices and much more.

Built-in Bluetooth on the Android car radio allows you to stream music from your smartphone, and also make hands free calls, giving you control over your mobile without any clunky wires.

Car Stereo Double Din SWC

The device comes with a Steering Wheel Control (SWC) and remote control. As well as giving you ease of control without having to stretch, it even allows passengers in the back to control the entertainment, which is ideal for any long journeys.

There is only an FM receiver on the head unit, but with all radio stations on the Internet, this shouldn’t be a problem.

With an impressive 4 x 60W power handling and supporting FLAC files you can really wake up the soundscape in your car even without upgrading your speakers.

Being so cheap you might be wondering how you can get all this for around $60. Of course, the quality isn’t as good as some of the more expensive units, and the display isn’t as crisp. The touchscreen isn’t as sensitive as some of my other picks in the review, but seriously for the price, it’s a good buy.


It’s not the best double DIN head unit in my review, but at $60 you can’t go wrong. For the price you have pretty much anything you need for an Android car stereo, and is a good first upgrade to getting a double DIN head unit.


Steering wheel control
Supports FLAC files


Not ideal for iOS users
Audio components not the best

Rimoody 9.7” Touchscreen Car Stereo  – 2DIN with Back-up Camera

Rimoody double DIN head unit

If you want a display with a difference this 2 DIN car stereo offers something completely unique with its vertical 9.7 inch touchscreen display.

Surprisingly, the receiver fits in any vehicle with a double DIN opening, and the display sits at a protruding angle so your car dash doesn’t get in the way.

The Double DIN Android head unit comes with in-built GPS Navigation, Bluetooth, WiFi, FM Radio and even has a Digital Video Recording (DVR) feature, which is a nice option for safety and insurance claims if ever you need video evidence.

The head unit boasts Mirror Link function for both Android and iOS, which gives you multiple options on your display, such as streaming YouTube, audio music and controlling your phone calls on your large display.

There’s also an SWC, so you have the control of everything without moving your arms, making any need to stretch and lose concentration of the road a thing of the past.

double DIN extra features

As well as videos, the display turns into a GPS navigation if you download any SatNav application such as Google Maps. This can be used without the need of an Internet connection, so there’s no need to use up your data.

If you’re looking for the best double DIN head unit with backup camera, this package includes a waterproof night vision backup camera, which is a great feature. Like others with the back up camera, it turns your display into a rear parking aid when you switch gears into reverse mode, but the night vision feature clearly displays your rear view no matter how dark it is outside.

The audio power handling is 4 x 45W, which is decent, although you should never only buy a head unit if loud and crisp music is your aim. That said, the device is FLAC file compatible, among many other files, which means you’ll get to produce some crisp high-fidelity.

The radio receiver is only FM, which many other brands are only offering nowadays. With Bluetooth and WiFi you have pretty much an unlimited range of radio channels at your fingertips if you download a radio app.


There are better double DIN head units, but for the price entry, this car radio from Rimoody gives you everything you need. Not forgetting a vertical display, it gives you a display with a difference, too.


WiFi ready
Built in GPS
Nightvision backup camera


Screen might be a bit big for some

Semaitu TH0011 Multimedia Receiver

semaitu 2 DIN car stereo

If you’re budgeting and you want a cheap double DIN car stereo that won’t break the bank, the Semaitu TH0011 is worth looking at.

The 7-inch digital capacitive LCD screen, boasts 1080P HD monitor, with an RGB displaying in 7 colors. It’s a car DVD player, plays CDs and supports several file and external connectors to play your media.

For under $60, you can also turn your car radio into an extension of your smartphone. Using the USB cable, the head unit offers Mirror Link feature which will display and stream your Android or iOS compatible apps on your display.

This allows for control of certain apps on your phone, and also enables GPS navigation. When you use a SatNav, your display will direct you to your intended destination without the worry of looking at your small smartphone screen.

With a Bluetooth connection you can connect your smartphone and make handsfree calls using the built-in microphone, and you can also control music apps such as Spotify and Pandora via a Bluetooth connection.

wireless remote control

The Semaitu double DIN head unit also comes with a wireless remote control, so you can access key functions from the palm of your hand. This stops any temptation for reaching over when you shouldn’t, making your commute safer.

The head unit comes with an FM radio with 18 station memory. It also supports USB/SD memory up to 32GB, which is another great way to bring your music and picture library to your car.

There’s customizable EQ with several settings, ensuring you get to pick and choose the right soundscape for your genre of music. There are other audio outputs, but if I’m being honest if you’re after high fidelity, this isn’t the best car radio.


At the price entry, you get what you pay for. The touchscreen isn’t as sensitive as the more expensive ones, and the audio isn’t perfect, but seriously, for less than $60 you’re getting a very good budget double DIN head unit.


7 different display colors
wireless remote control included


Audio can be tinny
Touchscreen could be more sensitive

Nhopeew Universal – Rotating 10” Touchscreen 2DIN Multimedia Player

nopheew rotating display head unit

The last car stereo on my list is one with a difference. The Nhopeew, universal double DIN rotating head unit will fit in any car with a double DIN mount.

The head unit boasts a 10-inch touchscreen display that can be rotated 90° to watch horizontally or vertically. The device’s display resolution is 1024×600, and utilizing 2.5D tempered curvature, it gives a more 3-dimensional effect.

There’s no DVD/CD port, but for watching movies, the 1080P HD video quality display is compatible with USB, SD card, AUX, and also supports Mirror Link, which will allow you to control your smartphone apps on your large display.

As well as Mirror Link, the double DIN head unit also boasts 16G memory, which allows you to store large files while also downloading applications such as YouTube, Spotify, Facebook etc.

There’s a built-in GPS Navigation with maps installed. This turns your display into a SatNav, using the apps of your choice, and can be used offline too. Ideal for those driving through remote places, ensuring you never get lost again.

nhopeew rotating display

There’s also a built-in microphone, which allows you to take hands free calls from your smartphone. This can be connected via the USB or Bluetooth 4.0 which it supports.

The head unit package comes with a driving recorder cam, which is great for anyone who might need recorded evidence for any insurance claims, or for when pushy cops are overbearing.

The device has a Steering Wheel Control (SWC) option, although this has to be purchased separately.

The radio receiver supports FM radio, which is limited, but with radio apps you have the world of radio at your disposal. For audio files it supports several including FLAC files, so for those who like a pristine audio experience, you can play the crispest files.


There are much better car stereos on my review, but this is a good head unit at this price entry. I really like the rotating display, which allows you to watch widescreen movies, or your own in-car tablet. It supports all the necessary things, except Car Play and Android Auto, so if they are important to you look elsewhere. If not, it’s a good head unit that offers what you need.


10″ rotating display
Built in GPS
Driving recorder cam


Screen might be clunky for smaller cars
Only supports FM radio

The Best Double DIN Head Unit – Buyer’s Guide

Buying the best double DIN car stereo can be daunting, especially with the amount of features they now boast. If you’ve never owned an aftermarket head unit, you likely be mesmerised by all the features.

Fear not, as with everything there are a few things you should consider, and once you have everything understood, you’lll be able to make an informed decision about which double DIN head unit is ideal for you.

best features of double din head units infographic

Things To Consider Before Buying A Double DIN Head Unit

Make Sure It Fits In Your Vehicle

First thing to know is whether the double DIN head unit you want it will fit in your vehicle. It might seem like basic logic, but you’ll be surprised by how many people don’t check this.

It’s not just whether it will physically fit, either. With newer vehicles there are computer features built into your factory head unit, so it’s not always a simple out/in replacement.

You have to make sure the head unit you’re getting is compatible with your vehicle, and for those that aren’t universal there will be an option at the top of the Amazon page to enter your make and model, and it will determine whether the head unit will fit.

Don’t Go For All Features Just Because They’re Cool To Have

Don’t think your new head unit has to have everything. People make this mistake and want something that boasts every feature. If the head unit you like has everything great, but don’t force it.

For example, CD and DVDs are becoming obsolete, and sure, if you own many you want to use them, but don’t buy a head unit just because it’s got a CD function. You can always copy the movies and albums onto files and play them that way.

The more features your head unit boasts, the more wires will be needed for your harness, taking up unnecessary room at times. Therefore, the fewer features your double DIN head unit has, it makes installation easier, because there’ll be less wires in an already crowded space.

Don’t Ignore The Audio Outputs

Make sure the head unit you want has all the outputs you need now and possibly in the future. When we upgrade our car audio system, many upgrade the full stereo system and get external amplifiers and other car audio components.

If you’re adding these you need to make sure your car radio has the RCA outputs to send the signal from your head unit to the amplifier. If this is important to you, and it should be, the minimum you should want is fronts and rears, and a subwoofer output.

Make Sure You Like How The Head Unit Looks And Works

It might not be the most obvious thing to look for, but make sure you like the interface of the head unit. Making sure you like the way the menus, and how easy it is to use, will make your life much easier especially when you’re new to your head unit.

It’s more important than you think, but make sure your display suits the interior of your car. Also, make sure you like the color of the display. Many have several options, but you get something that you don’t like or doesn’t suit the interior of your car, you will get sick of it and probably end up replacing it down the line.

Get One That Supports Android Auto AND Apple Car Play

If you can afford it, get an aftermarket head unit that has Android Auto and Apple Car Play built in. They’re both great to have, as they allow you to control many functions on your phone, such as dictating text messages, making hands free calls and using the GPS Navigation.

They also give you the option of using Siri and Google Assistant, and some even offer Amazon Alexa feature, which is another nice bonus.

Don’t feel Like You’re Limited With Screen Size

Don’t think you’re limited with screen size, especially if you’re replacing an old single DIN head unit, because you can, with a bit of re-engineering your dash, make the space for a double DIN mount.

Even with if you’re replacing an old double DIN car radio, you don’t have to go for something the exact same screen size. You can get something with a much larger screen if you like. Just remember to check whether it will fit in your vehicle.

Make Sure You Get The Best Double DIN Car Stereo For You

Whatever features you want and your budget will determine the best double DIN head unit for you. Android Auto and Apple Car Play are the first things I look for, but I also wouldn’t buy one that neglected the audio features. But that’s just me…

And don’t go buying one just because it has everything, especially if you’re not likely to use it. The rear parking camera can be a distraction and annoying if you don’t use it, so you might end up turning it off. Although, it’s an important feature for many, so really think about what you will use.

Remember all features will add bulk to your harness and the back of your car stereo will be tight, so the less features you have, the easier it will be to install.

Whatever is the best double DIN car stereo for you, I’m sure you’ll enjoy using it, especially if it’s your first multimedia receiver. Whichever device you go for, I’m sure you’ve made the right choice. And if it’s one of the above, please leave a comment/review letting everyone know of your experience using it.


Do head units affect sound quality?

Head units have little impact on the sound quality, especially if we compare it to an amplifier or set of high performance speakers This shouldn’t stop from getting one, however, because a head unit is the centerpeice of your car stereo system. And any head unit with better audio features like multiple outputs, an EQ, and one that supports FLAC files will make a noticable difference to any audiophile’s system.

Are all Double DIN Head Units the same size?

They’re all the same size at the back, which is the DIN standard sizing. DIN is short for Deutsches Institut für Normung, which translates to mean German Institute for Standardization. It became the standard for car radios, and a double DIN measure 4″ x 7″ which is the back of the unit. The front, as you can see in the head units above are varied in size.

Will any Double DIN fit in my vehicle?

The short answer is no. There are many universal double DIN car stereos, but many are vehicle specific, too. If you buy from Amazon, there will be an option at the top of your browser to see if it fits in your vehicle, or there will be a list of vehicles in the specs further down.

Which is the best Double DIN Head Unit?

There is no out and out best double DIN head unit. It’s all about personal taste, really. of course there are some that are much better than others, but as with everything in the car audio world, what suits you might not suit someone else. The best thing to do is research what it is you want, and don’t get drawn into buying something with everything if you don’t need certain features.

Can a Double DIN fit in a Single DIN?

A Single DIN radio can fit in a double DIN mount with the right mounting kit. However, a double DIN won’t fit in place of a single DIN without significant and irreversible modifications to your dash. It is possible to do so, but it can get messy.

Do you need a dash kit for a Double DIN radio?

A dash kit is a must if you are converting from a single DIN to a double DIN one, or vice versa. All aftermarket head units come with a dash kit of sorts, and if it’s a 2-DIN for 2-DIN replacement, it might just need some different mounting brackets, but it all depends on your head unit.

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