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Feel the Power of The South with Memphis Subwoofers

Memphis Subwoofers are highly regarded by many in in car audio industry, transforming every car journey into a mobile concert. Originating from Memphis, Tennessee – a city with a rich musical history – these subwoofers encapsulate the soulful and powerful sounds the city is renowned for.

Manufactured with precision and a deep understanding of acoustic dynamics, Memphis Subs are much more than just car audio equipment. They are conduits of an immersive musical experience, bringing the infectious rhythm and pulse of Memphis right into your vehicle.

Each model, each specification, and each design decision reflects a clear goal – to deliver powerful, rich, and clear bass that takes your in-car audio experience to a whole new level.

In this review, we delve deep into the world of Memphis Audio Subwoofers, exploring the distinct series, scrutinizing the meticulous design and robust build quality, and, most importantly, examining the real-world performance of these bass powerhouses.

So, buckle up, and let’s embark on this resonating journey together, and take a look at some of this often overlooked car audio brand‘s best selling subwoofers…

Memphis Audio Subwoofers

The Best Memphis Subwoofers

Memphis MJM622 MOJO Mini 6.5 inch Subwoofer

Memphis MJM822 MOJO Series Subwoofers

In the world of compact yet powerful audio, the Memphis MJM622 6.5″ 700W RMS Dual 2-Ohm MOJO Mini Subwoofer stands as a testament to superior engineering.

Despite its small size, this Memphis sub boasts an impressive RMS power of 700W and peak power of 1400W, making it a serious contender and it certainly delivers high-quality sound. Like its bigger counterparts, this subwoofer maintains a Sensitivity of 82dB, ensuring that your audio remains punchy and commanding.

The DVVC Direct Vent Voice Coil Cooling and vented cast aluminum basket effectively dissipate heat, allowing the subwoofer to play for extended periods without performance degradation.

The standout feature is the incredible bass output. Considering its compact 6.5″ size, the Memphis MJM622 subwoofer delivers incredibly clear and extremely loud bass, owing to the V-Groove surround and FLEX Selectable Impedance technology.


The Memphis MJM622 might be small, but its performance is anything but. Its unparalleled bass response and power, coupled with advanced cooling features, make it a prime choice for those seeking high-quality audio in a compact package.

Memphis MJM622 MOJO Mini 6.5 inch Subwoofer Specs:

Selectable Voice Coil1Ω or 2Ω
Size (In)6.5
RMS/Peak Power (Watts)700/1400
Sensitivity (dB)82
Magnet Size (Oz)80
Mounting Depth5
Cut Out Diameter5.95
Voice Coil1.5

Memphis MJM822 MOJO 8 inch Subwoofer

Memphis MJM822 8" 900W RMS Dual 2-Ohm MOJO Series Subwoofers

The Memphis MJM822 MOJO 8″ Subwoofer is a beast when it comes to bass performance. With an impressive RMS power of 900W and peak power of 1800W, this 1 ohm or 2 ohm subwoofer is engineered to provide potent and high-quality sound.

Its Sensitivity of 82dB is commendable for an 8″ subwoofer, ensuring that your audio is loud, clear, and incredibly powerful. The DVVC Direct Voice Coil Cooling technology allows the subwoofer to play louder and longer without overheating, a feature essential for maintaining performance during extended play sessions.

The most noticeable aspect is the stunning bass. Given its size, the Memphis MJM822 offers an extraordinarily loud and crystal-clear bass response. Whether you’re playing bass-heavy tracks or wanting to feel the punch in more balanced music, the V-Groove Folded Surround ensures effective surface area utilization, allowing for extreme excursion without sacrificing performance.


With its cast aluminum basket and patented FLEX Technology, the Memphis MJM822 isn’t just built to be loud, it’s designed to redefine the way you experience music in your vehicle. This subwoofer, compact yet powerful, will make your car feel like a live concert venue. It’s a true representation of Memphis’s dedication to quality and performance.

Memphis MJM822 MOJO 8″ Subwoofer Specs:

Selectable Voice Coil1Ω or 2Ω
Size (In)8
RMS/Peak Power (Watts)900/1800
Sensitivity (dB)82
Magnet Size (Oz)105
Mounting Depth5.75
Cut Out Diameter7.32
Voice Coil2

Memphis Audio PRX1024 10″ PR Subwoofer

Memphis Audio PRX1024 10

The Memphis Audio PRX1024 10″ PR Subwoofer is a delight that took me by surprise. The PR range is Memphis Audio’s budget range, but this 10″ beauty pumps out some nice clean bass.

Boasting an RMS power of 300W and peak power of 600W, the subwoofer isn’t as powerful as their MOJO range, but it still offers top-quality sound. But it’s not just the impressive power output that stands out, its Sensitivity rating of 84dB @ 2Ω and 84.5dB @ 4Ω is what really ensures that your audio stays impactful and attention-grabbing.

The DVVC technology is another plus, efficiently dissipating heat for sustained performance. But, the star of the show has to be the bass. The PRX1024 delivers a bass response that’s incredibly loud and clear, far surpassing expectations for a 300W 10″ subwoofer.

The patented FLEX Technology and Selectable Impedance further enhance its versatility, allowing you to adjust according to your system’s needs.


The Memphis Audio PRX1024 offers an immersive and powerful audio experience that truly sets it apart. Its performance was not only exceptional but also surprisingly impactful, particularly considering its size. The PR range is also available in sizes from 6.5 inch up to 15 inch…

The Memphis Audio 10″ PR Subwoofer Specs:

Selectable Voice Coil2Ω or 4Ω
Size (In)10
RMS/Peak Power (Watts)300/600
Sensitivity (dB)84 @ 2Ω / 84.5 @ 4Ω
Magnet Size (Oz)60
Mounting Depth5.2
Cut Out Diameter9.25
Voice Coil2

Memphis Audio VIV1422 14″ VIV Subwoofer

Memphis VIV Subwoofer 14"

Now for one of the titans of car audio, the Memphis Audio VIV1422 14″ Subwoofer, a component of the elite VIV range. Not only does this subwoofer deliver an earth-shattering bass output with a staggering RMS power of 2200W, but it reaches its peak at an unparalleled 4400W.

This powerhouse, coupled with a Sensitivity rating of 86.5dB, creates a dynamic audio experience that brings clarity and intensity in perfect harmony, and will turn plenty of heads.

The VIV1422 is built with innovative features that set it apart from other Memphis subwoofers. The immense 7.5” dual layer voice coil is the heart of this subwoofer, providing unmatched linearity and superior sound quality that is rare in a subwoofer of this size and capacity.

Assisting this performance is the Direct Vent Voice Coil (DVVC) cooling system and the unique folded V-Groove surround. This ensures the VIV1422 can handle extreme power without sacrificing effectiveness or durability.

Now, considering the 14″ diameter of the VIV1422, the enclosure it sits in cannot be an afterthought. Memphis has taken care of this, developing an enclosure specifically tuned to the subwoofer’s unique parameters.

This optimizes the sub’s performance and allows it to flex its power without any need for custom modifications. Also, the stylish brushed front panel ties it aesthetically with the VIV family of amplifiers for a cohesive, high-performance setup.


Getting the VIV1422 is an investment in sonic power and quality. It’s not just about the loud bass, it’s about experiencing bass that envelops you, and rocks your entire surroundings. This is the only size in the Memphis VIV range.

The Memphis Audio VIV1422 14″ Subwoofer Specs:

Dual Voice Coil
Size (In)14
RMS/Peak Power (Watts)2200/4400
Sensitivity (dB)86.5
Magnet Size (Oz)320
Mounting Depth9.45
Cut Out Diameter13.19
Voice Coil7.5

Memphis Audio MOJO Pro 15 inch Subwoofer

Memphis Audio MJP1544 MOJO PRO Series 15"

The Memphis Audio MJP1544 – MOJO Pro 15 inch Subwoofer stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to loud and high-quality bass. A powerhouse in its own right, this subwoofer boasts a staggering RMS/Peak power of 750/1500 watts, delivering a high SPL performance that makes it a no-nonsense choice for those who appreciate powerful, room-filling bass.

Its 88 dB sensitivity rating ensures efficient power-to-sound conversion, further amplifying the bass output to reach deep and impactful lows. I was particularly impressed with the clarity and fullness of the bass, never distorting even at high volume levels.

As well as this, the MJP1544 stands out for its sophisticated cooling technology. The Direct Vent Voice Coil Cooling (DVVC) system rapidly cools the subwoofer, leading to longer, louder playtimes and greater power handling.

The diecast basket design adds an element of durability and high-performance rigidity, promising a long-lasting musical experience. One cannot overlook its sizeable 2.5″ voice coil and large double-stitched foam surround, allowing for maximum excursion and air movement, making this an absolute juggernaut of a subwoofer.

Despite its high power and performance features, the MJP1544 retains a compactness that fits more traditional enclosures, making it a versatile addition to any audio setup.


The Memphis Audio MJP1544 15 inch subwoofer is indeed a subwoofer that delivers bass as loud and impactful as its specs suggest. It’s a considerable investment, but if you’re seeking powerful and immersive bass, it’s definitely a worthy choice.

MJP1544Dual Voice Coil 4Ω
Size (in)15
RMS/Peak Power750/1500
Sensitivity (dB)88
Magnet Size (Oz)120
Mounting Depth7.88
Cut out Diameter13.84
Voice Coil2.5

Memphis Subwoofers Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to car audio, few brands can hold a candle to the quality and performance offered by Memphis Audio. Whether you’re an audiophile, a casual listener, or a pure bass head, Memphis Audio’s range of subwoofers is designed to satisfy every taste and budget.

Understanding the Basics

Before diving into the product range, understanding some fundamental parameters can help you make an informed decision.

Size: Subwoofers come in a variety of sizes, from the compact 6.5″ variants to larger 15″ models. A larger subwoofer has the capacity to move more air, resulting in a deeper, more resonant bass sound.

However, it’s important to note that size is not the sole determinant of sound quality or output. Other factors such as design, materials used, and overall build quality also play a significant role. Additionally, the size of your car’s interior and the available installation space will influence what size subwoofer can be accommodated.

For example, if you drive a small sedan, a 15″ subwoofer may not be practical. Similarly, your preferred music genre can also influence the size choice. Larger subs are typically better for music with deep bass lines like hip hop and EDM, while smaller ones may be suitable for genres like rock or pop.

Power Handling (RMS/Peak): RMS (Root Mean Square) power and Peak power are crucial indicators of a subwoofer’s capabilities.

RMS power represents the amount of continuous power a subwoofer can handle without damage or distortion. This is the more important and reliable measure to consider because it gives you an idea of the subwoofer’s sustainable performance over time.

On the other hand, Peak power is the maximum power that the subwoofer can handle in short, instantaneous bursts. While it may seem impressive, it’s not as important a factor as RMS.

A subwoofer with high RMS power handling is a good choice for individuals who want a robust, long-lasting audio system that can endure prolonged and intense usage.

Sensitivity: Sensitivity refers to the efficiency of a subwoofer’s ability to convert power (in watts) into sound (in decibels). In simpler terms, it indicates how loud your subwoofer will play given a certain amount of power.

A subwoofer with a higher sensitivity rating will be able to produce more sound output with the same amount of power compared to one with a lower sensitivity. So, if you have a limited-power audio system, selecting a subwoofer with high sensitivity can help you achieve louder and more robust sound without overtaxing your system.

Impedance: Impedance is a key consideration as it affects both the sound output and compatibility with amplifiers. Measured in ohms (Ω), it represents the resistance to the flow of electrical current. Subwoofers can come in different impedance ratings such as 2, 4, or 8 ohms, and some models have dual voice coils which can be wired in different ways to adjust the impedance.

A lower impedance (e.g., 2 ohms) means less resistance, which allows more power from your amplifier to reach the subwoofer, potentially leading to higher volume and better performance. However, pushing more power can also generate more heat and risk damaging your equipment, so ensure your amplifier is stable at low impedance levels before choosing a lower-impedance subwoofer.

On the other hand, a higher impedance (e.g., 8 ohms) means more resistance, limiting the power from the amplifier. This might be desirable if you want to prevent overloading a powerful amplifier or aim for a more controlled sound.

Voice Coil: The voice coil is a crucial component of the subwoofer that creates the magnetic field needed to move the speaker cone and produce sound. Subwoofers may have single or dual voice coil configurations.

Single voice coil (SVC) subwoofers are simpler and offer less wiring flexibility compared to dual voice coil (DVC) subs, which allow for more wiring options and impedance levels. The choice between SVC and DVC will largely depend on your specific system setup and desired audio output.

For instance, if you plan to run multiple subwoofers or want more control over your system’s impedance, a DVC subwoofer might be a better fit. However, for simple systems, an SVC subwoofer can serve you just as well.

Memphis Subwoofer Series

1. MOJO Series: For those looking for a no-compromise bass experience, the MOJO series offers extreme power handling and advanced cooling technologies. In sizes from 6.5 inch right up to 15 inch.

2. Power Reference Series: This series combines performance, reliability and is very cost-effective. The PR subwoofer range with its selectable impedance technology is an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade factory sound system.

3. VIV Series: If you are willing to invest for premium quality, the VIV series is for you. The VIV1422 14″ subwoofer stands out with its massive power handling, 7.5″ voice coil, and tailored enclosure. Just wow!

Final Thoughts

When selecting your Memphis subwoofer, consider your audio preferences, vehicle size, amplifier setup, and budget. Whichever model you choose, you’re bound to experience a significant upgrade in your car’s audio experience.

And remember, for the best performance, consider professional installation! You can get full information at the Memphis Audio website

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