Kicker CompVR Subwoofers

A Comprehensive Review of the Kicker CompVR Subwoofer Range

Welcome to our detailed review of the Kicker CompVR Subwoofer Range. For anyone with a keen interest in car audio, Kicker is a familiar name, known for its superior sound quality and high-performing audio equipment. Today, we’ll take a closer look at one of their most popular offerings – the CompVR Subwoofer Range.

Kicker subwoofers are up there with the very best, and this series, praised for its impressive performance and competitive pricing, stands out in the crowded car audio market. It boasts features such as the unique SoloKon™ cone design and advanced Perimeter Venting technology, marking Kicker’s dedication to continuous innovation.

Throughout this review, we’ll examine the various sizes in the range, discuss their specifications, and delve into their real-world performance. Whether you’re an audiophile with years of experience or a beginner starting your journey in the world of car audio, this review aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of what the Kicker CompVR Subwoofer Range has to offer.

So buckle up, turn the volume up, and let’s begin our deep dive into the depths of bass with the Kicker Comp VR Subwoofers, one of the best brands in the industry.

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Kicker CompVR Subwoofers

Kicker CompVR Subwoofer Review

Let’s review a 10″, 12″ and 15″ in the CompVR range…

Kicker CompVR 10″ Subwoofer – 2 and 4 Ohms

Kicker CompVR Subwoofer

The Kicker 43CVR104 CompVR 10″ Subwoofer, available in 2- and 4-ohm, is a serious player in the car audio space, and for good reason. Engineered with exceptional attention to detail, this subwoofer is part of Kicker’s well-regarded CompVR range, designed to deliver unmatched audio performance.

Equipped with a 2- or 4-ohm dual voice coil (DVC) design, this subwoofer allows for impressive wiring flexibility. It’s a feature that truly shines when paired with the right amplifier, helping you to maximize sound performance whether you’re installing one or several subs in your vehicle.

The power handling characteristics of the Kicker Comp VR 10 further accentuate its capability. With RMS of 350 watts and a peak power of 700 watts, it delivers powerful, distortion-free bass in a decent sized vehicle.

It’s worth noting that the subwoofer’s sensitivity rating of 83.6 dB means that it can generate this incredible bass output with efficiency, even when operating at lower power levels.

The meticulous design elements, such as Kicker’s signature SoloKon™ technology that perfectly marries the woofer and back brace into one unified system, contribute to an enhanced bass output. And the stamped steel basket further keeps vibration at bay, maintaining a clean, clear bass response even when the sub is pushed to its limits.

Heat management, often overlooked, is a key aspect of this subwoofer’s design. Kicker’s advanced heat management system, featuring perimeter venting and a UniPlate™ system, keeps the subwoofer cool, reliable, and long-lasting.

On top of this, a forced air cooling mechanism helps to regulate the temperature of the dual voice coil, drawing in cool air and forcing out hot air as the woofer cone moves, ensures you to play your music loud for long periods of time.

Compatible with both sealed and ported enclosures, the Kicker 43CVR104 CompVR 10 offers flexibility in installation, allowing you to achieve the best possible bass response based on your specific needs and preferences.

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Kicker 43CVR104 CompVR 10 Inch Subwoofer Specs:

Size (in, cm)10, 25
Impedance (Ohms)2, 4 DVC
Recommended Amplifier Power (watts RMS)350
Peak Power (watts, per ANSI/CTA-2031-A)700
Sensitivity (dB 1w/1m)83.6
Frequency Response25-500Hz
Mounting Depth (in, cm)5-1/2, 14
Mounting Diameter (in, cm)9-3/16, 23.3
Min Sealed Box Vol (cu. ft, L)0.8, 22.7
Max Sealed Box Vol (cu. ft, L)3, 85
Min Vented Box Vol (cu. ft, L)1.25, 35.4
Max Vented Box Vol (cu. ft, L)1.75, 49.6

Kicker CompVR 12″ Subwoofers – 2 and 4 Ohms

Kicker CompVR Subwoofer

The Kicker CompVR 12″ 4 Ohm Subwoofer is one of the best selling subs on the market. With its larger cone, this subwoofer takes the renowned audio quality of the range to new, profound depths.

Coming in a 4-ohm (43CVR124) and 2-ohm (43CVR122), a standout feature of the CompVR 12″ is its power handling. Its peak power is an impressive 800 watts, and an all-important 450 RMS, allows the subwoofer to deliver powerful, distortion-free bass. The subwoofer uses an injection molded SoloKon cone, setting the stage for strong, reliable performance.

Kicker’s signature Perimeter Venting is present in this model as well, ensuring effective heat management, while the UniPlate system directs heat away from the motor structure. Spiralead tinsel-lead technology further reinforces its durability and performance.

The Comp VR 12 inch subwoofer also uses a ribbed Santoprene surround, contributing to its capacity to reproduce deep, resonant bass. It’s equipped with dual 2-Ohm or 4-Ohm high-temperature dual voice coils, offering enhanced flexibility for wiring and setup.

Its top-mount depth is 6.25″ and mounting diameter is 11″, making it a versatile fit for many vehicles. This model offers a sensitivity of 86.9dB and a frequency response of 25-500Hz, which ensures you’ll capture the full richness of your music across a wide spectrum of frequencies.

The subwoofer is compatible with both sealed and vented enclosures. The specific volumes for these enclosures ensure you’ll find the perfect setup to achieve outstanding bass response in your vehicle.

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Kicker CompVR 12 inch Subwoofers Specifications:

Size (in, cm)12, 30
Impedance (Ohms)2, 4 DVC
Recommended Amplifier Power (watts RMS)400
Peak Power (watts, per ANSI/CTA-2031-A)800
Sensitivity (dB 1w/1m)86.9
Frequency Response25-500Hz
Mounting Depth (in, cm)6-1/4, 15.9
Mounting Diameter (in, cm)11, 27.8
Min Sealed Box Vol (cu. ft, L)1, 28.3
Max Sealed Box Vol (cu. ft, L)4.6, 130
Min Vented Box Vol (cu. ft, L)1.75, 49.6
Max Vented Box Vol (cu. ft, L)2.25, 63.7

Kicker CompVR 15 Inch Subwoofers – 2 and 4 Ohms

Kicker CompVR Subwoofer

The Kicker CompVR 15″ Subwoofer is not for the faint of heart. As the largest model in the CompVR range, it brings a whole new level of power and performance that will leave you nothing short of astounded.

Coming in both 2-ohm (43CVR152) and 4-ohm (43CVR154), this subwoofer comes with a staggering peak power of 1000 watts, and a recommended power range of 250 – 550 Watts RMS. I must say when I cranked up the volume, the output was simply unbelievable. The bass was deep, resonant, and oh so powerful – my car was absolutely shaking.

The impressive performance of this subwoofer is due in large part to the combination of its injection molded SoloKon cone and ribbed Santoprene Surround. They work harmoniously to provide a response that remains smooth and accurate, regardless of the volume level.

Kicker’s signature heat management is also present in this behemoth, with the solid pole piece and perimeter venting efficiently dispersing heat and ensuring durability. And of course, it boasts Kicker’s innovative UniPlate system which brings it a step further, redirecting heat away from the motor structure.

Another feature I appreciated was the dual high-temperature voice coils, which offer flexible wiring and ensure a seamless integration with the rest of my audio setup. This subwoofer also offers a sensitivity of 89.2dB and a frequency response of 25-500Hz, ensuring no beat or note goes unnoticed.

However, I should warn you about the space. The Kicker Comp VR 15 inch, while being a magnificent beast of a subwoofer, it takes up a considerable amount of space. So, if you are limited on space, you might want to take this into consideration.

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Kicker CompVR 15 Inch Subwoofers Specs:

Size (in, cm)15, 38
Impedance (Ohms)2, 4 DVC
Recommended Amplifier Power (watts RMS)500
Peak Power (watts, per ANSI/CTA-2031-A)1000
Sensitivity (dB 1w/1m)89.2
Frequency Response25-500Hz
Mounting Depth (in, cm)8-3/16, 20.7
Mounting Diameter (in, cm)13-11/16, 34.7
Min Sealed Box Vol (cu. ft, L)1.8, 51
Max Sealed Box Vol (cu. ft, L)5.2, 147
Min Vented Box Vol (cu. ft, L)3, 85
Max Vented Box Vol (cu. ft, L)5, 142

Kicker CompVR Buyer’s Guide

If you’re considering getting a Kicker CompVR subwoofer, there are several factors you’ll need to consider to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. This buyer’s guide will walk you through key considerations and help you select the right subwoofer for your needs.


Kicker CompVR subwoofers come in various sizes, including 10″, 12″, and 15″. The size you choose will significantly influence the kind of bass output you can expect. Smaller subs typically provide tighter bass, suitable for genres like rock or country, while larger subs are known for deeper, more resonant bass, excellent for hip hop or electronic music.

Remember, size also affects space requirements, so make sure you have enough room for your chosen subwoofer, and remember you’ll be putting it in an enclosure, too.

Power Handling:

Look at peak power, but especially RMS. RMS power refers to the amount of power a subwoofer can handle continuously, while peak power refers to the maximum power that the subwoofer can handle in short bursts. If you want a system that can handle loud volumes without distortion, you should choose a subwoofer with high power handling.


Sensitivity, measured in dB, indicates how effectively a subwoofer can convert power into sound. A subwoofer with a higher sensitivity rating will require less power to produce the same amount of sound as a model with a lower sensitivity.


Impedance, measured in ohms, is basically the electrical resistance of the subwoofer. Kicker Comp VR subwoofers come with dual 2- or 4-Ohm voice coils, both providing flexible wiring options. Remember, matching the subwoofer’s impedance with your amplifier’s impedance is crucial for performance and safety.

Generally 2-ohm are louder, whereas 4-ohm subs will give you cleaner and more pronounced bass, and they don’t need as much power.

Enclosure Type:

Kicker’s CompVR subwoofers work well in both sealed and ported enclosures. Sealed enclosures deliver tight, accurate bass, while ported ones give more volume. You’ll need to consider what kind of sound you prefer and how much space you can dedicate to the enclosure.

Heat Management:

Kicker’s advanced heat management system, including the UniPlate system and Perimeter Venting, allows the Comp VR series to handle high power levels without overheating. This contributes to durability and consistent performance.

Mounting Depth and Diameter:

Always check the mounting depth and diameter to ensure the subwoofer will fit into your chosen space. It’s important to measure carefully to avoid any fit issues during installation.


Lastly, consider your budget. The bigger the sub the more power and features, but they’re also more expensive. Weigh your needs against what you’re willing to spend to find the right balance.

Kicker Comp VR Subwoofers – Bass Worth Every Penny

The Kicker CompVR series offers some of the most advanced features, and deliver a high-performance bass that satisfies any bass head’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a compact 10″ subwoofer to deliver tight bass or a massive 15″ model for resonant, room-filling lows, there’s a CompVR subwoofer that fits your requirements.

Remember, choosing the right subwoofer involves balancing size, power, sensitivity, impedance, enclosure type, and price. With the right pick, the CompVR subwoofers can transform your car audio system, making every journey a pleasurable musical experience.

Kicker CompVR Subwoofer FAQs

Is Comp R or Comp VR better?

The answer depends on your specific needs. Both the Comp R and Comp VR models are high-quality subwoofers from Kicker. However, the Comp VR is generally more powerful and handles heat more efficiently, thanks to its advanced heat management system. The Comp R, on the other hand, is a great choice for people seeking quality on a budget. It’s essential to understand your own needs and preferences before making a choice.

What is the difference between Kicker Comp R and Comp VR?

The primary differences lie in power handling, construction, and heat management. The Comp VR series typically has higher power handling capabilities and an advanced heat management system. The Comp VR also uses SoloKon technology, uniting the cone and back brace into one, cohesive system for improved performance. The Comp R series, while still offering excellent performance, is a more budget-friendly range.

Which Kicker subwoofer series is the best?

Determining the best Kicker subwoofer series heavily relies on your unique audio needs and preferences. For users who demand exceptional power handling and an advanced heat management system, the Comp VR series is a robust choice. If you’re working within a budget but still desire high-quality sound, the Comp R series could be your go-to.

The Kicker L7 series, renowned for its distinctive square design, offers an increased cone surface area resulting in greater volume. For those seeking the ultimate in power and performance for competitive scenarios, Kicker’s SoloX L7X series of competition subwoofers is hard to beat, providing intense bass output and extreme power handling capabilities.

What subwoofer is better than Kicker?

While Kicker offers high-quality subwoofers, other brands are equally competitive depending on your needs. Brands like JL Audio, Pioneer, and Alpine also produce excellent subwoofers. It comes down to your specific requirements – budget, power handling, size, and the type of sound you prefer.

Why is Kicker so popular?

Kicker are known for their high-quality products that offer excellent sound, durability, and performance. Their wide range of products means that there’s something for everyone, regardless of their budget or preferences. And, they consistently innovate, incorporating advanced technology into their products, which keeps them at the forefront of the car audio industry.

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