Why Get An Aftermarket Car Stereo?

Why Get An Aftermarket Car Stereo?

Aftermarket car stereos, or head units, add a variety of benefits to your car audio system, but are they really worth spending more money on?

Your car is already fitted with a factory head unit and it plays your music, so what is the point of buying a new one?

The music on your factory car stereo might sound great to begin with, but the materials soon deteriorate and along with it the sound quality.

This is because most car manufacturers focus on car design, not audio systems, but even so factory car radios are fine for some people. However, if you appreciate crisp music and a multitude of more functions, then getting an aftermarket car stereo is a necessity.

Why Get An Aftermarket Car Stereo?

We spend much more time in our cars than we have ever done, so taking the home comforts along our daily commute makes your drive a better experience.

And with today’s modern aftermarket car stereos offering much more than those of yesteryear, it makes sense to upgrade such a big part of our life with a relatively small investment.

What are the benefits of getting an aftermarket car radio, and will it benefit me? Well, even if you only enjoy talk radio and you’re not one for pumping bass, the features on an aftermarket head unit will enhance your daily drive.

So, with that’s said, let’s take a closer look…

Benefits Of An Aftermarket Car Stereo

Better And Louder Sound Quality

The sound quality of your system is determined by the quality of your car speakers and amplifier, but not only. An aftermarket car stereo will enhance the sound quality and allow you to play louder and clearer music, even without an amp.

Car manufacturers aren’t going to put the best head units in their cars because they want to keep costs down as much as possible, so the materials used in factory car radios isn’t the best, so to speak.

Your Head Unit is the focal point of your car audio system, and if you have upgraded your speakers and amplifier, you should really upgrade your receiver.

Music - it's never too loud

Even cheap aftermarket car stereos come with better features than factory units, such as better in-built amplifiers, more powerful output wattage and advanced crossover circuits.

All this helps ensure the right frequencies go to the right driver, with more efficacy, and makes sure your system delivers music with more clarity of volume and overall sound quality.

More Control Of Your System To Sculpt The Sound You Desire

It’s not just better sound quality; an aftermarket car stereo will also give you much more control over your music system with many more options than a factory unit can offer.

Most head units offer treble, mid-range, and bass control, which is fine for overall sound, but aftermarket car stereos give you many more options for working with other components such as an equalizer.

This pairing will give you much more control of the frequency response, and a multitude of controls to sculpt the sound you want to achieve.

Different head units offer different controls, so making sure you get the right receiver for you is important. That said, any aftermarket car stereo will give you more control and allow you to sculpt a much better sound than any factory car radio can offer.

Wait for the drop - bassline

Connect With Modern Technology

More expensive brand-new cars come with Internet capabilities, but anyone with an older car and a factory or older head unit is missing out.

If that’s you and you haven’t used or even seen the latest aftermarket car stereos, then something that does much more than play CDs and connects to the radio awaits you.

Whether it’s a Single Din or Double Din receiver, the latest aftermarket car radios can offer similar benefits to your smartphone. They all connect with smartphones at least, which allow you to control your car stereo system from your phone if you like.

Of course, CDs are a thing of the past anyway, and with an aftermarket head unit your music library on your phone easily connects. Whether it’s through Bluetooth or a wired connection, you can have every song on your smartphone playing in your car.

Some aftermarket car stereos have advanced features such as Voice Control, which as you can imagine, allows you to flick from song to song without moving your hands.

If you get a Double Din car stereo, you will be able to watch movies, not while you’re driving of course, but the option is there.

Double Din head units also give you the option of a reverse parking camera screen. These are connected to HD waterproof backup cameras, which display crystal clear images on your monitor when you’re reversing.

A Double Din car stereo isn’t just helpful for anyone who struggles to park, however. The better aftermarket head units come with an inbuilt GPS, which turns your screen into a satellite navigation system, when in use.

You can also connect to the Internet through your car stereo. Whether it’s through the 4G or 5G on your smartphone, or even better, if you have a wifi hotspot in your car.

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This will make your car stereo iPhone and Android compatible, giving you options for connecting to radio stations over the Internet, streaming YouTube, listening to AudioBooks or connecting to your music library if it’s stored in the cloud.

Getting an Aftermarket Car Stereo Enhances Your Every Drive

Car radios have come a long way since being just that. From car radios, to cassette players, through discs, aftermarket car stereos have evolved along with all the best audio technologies.

There’s nothing better than playing loud and crystal-clear music, but you shouldn’t just rely on upgrading your drivers and amplifier. Getting an aftermarket car stereo will enhance the sound quality of your entire system and give you many more options.

An aftermarket head unit will also allow you to leverage modern technology, such as the Internet, because it can turn into an extension of your smartphone and applications such as Voice Control give you control over your music like you’ve never had before.

Double Din stereos are like having your television or laptop with you. Of course, the screen is much smaller, but a visible mobile screen that displays movies, YouTube, Satellite Navigation and even back up cameras that help you reverse park with ease, make aftermarket car stereos much more desirable.

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