Can You Put a Soundbar In Your Car?

Can You Put a Soundbar In Your Car?

The popularity of soundbars cannot be underestimated and this is not in any way misplaced. Soundbars offer a great solution for many audio deficiencies and since they combine multiple speakers in one portable, small cabinet, many people are finding them to be ideal for enhancing their home theater.

With the great results they offer at home, the question that lingers in many people’s mind is, “Can you put a soundbar in your car and still enjoy the powerful, clear audio experience?”

The answer to that question is yes, you can put a soundbar in your car to enhance the audio output. If you love soundbars and would want to transfer your home theater experience to the car, knowing how to connect the system is essential.

This post will be discussing your options and how to best go about the connection in order to enjoy great audio output based on your needs and car. On top of that, we’ll know what options you have and whether a soundbar is the ultimate choice to go for when looking for amazing sound output.

What Does A Soundbar Offer?

One of the best advantages of a soundbar is that it’s skinny and flat thus offering convenience as far as space is concerned. Otherwise known as speaker or media bar, a soundbar offers multiple applications that are well liked. There are many benefits you can enjoy from a soundbar including the following:

Enhanced Audio Quality

Although a soundbar is not a complete audio system so to say, it offers a cost-effective and stylish audio option compared to the typical systems comprising of multiple pieces.

A soundbar is more of an all inclusive audio solution that is capable of giving enhanced sound that’s comprised of rich bass. If you’re a bass lover, a soundbar will definitely be a great choice either as part of your home theater or in your car.

There are different soundbar styles some offering separate woofers and tweeters capable of handling both low and high sound output perfectly.

Strong Sound

A soundbar is a good option when you want to increase sound output over and above the built-in speakers in your device.

With a soundbar, you can enjoy better quality audio and even get a feel of surround or stereo sound based on your preference and what you’re listening to or watching. Soundbars are uniquely shaped to play to the acoustics of any room, and can fill out a vehicle of any size.

Easy To Use

Soundbars can be used with either your television, computer, and in your vehicle they’re easy to hook up to your head unit without occupying much space. Some come with Bluetooth capabilities while others can be connected to the sound sources using different types of cables. This makes them easy to use either in the house or in your car if you decide to use them there.

How Would A Soundbar Perform In A Car?

To determine how a soundbar will perform in your car, assessing your expectations will be important. What is it that you want to achieve and what does the soundbar in question have to offer? Practically, you want the audio to be a little louder and richer compared to what you have in your car system.

As such, consider whether the soundbar will add any value to the car system and your listening experience. While soundbars are great, at times what you get when you use it in the car maybe below your expectations thus making the whole investment unnecessary.

how would a soundbar perform in your car

The thing about soundbars is that they’re powered speakers and need an electrical charge. Some cars have AC outlets, and it’s possible to buy an AC power inverter for any car, but if you want your soundbar to play loud, you’ll need a power hungry one and that could put a strain on your car’s electrical system.

Sounbars are heavy, too, so putting one in your car, you really have to make sure it’s secured properly as you don’t want it flying about if you slam on the brakes.

If you get around both of these issues then a sounbar in your car should sound good. That said, you could spend the same amount of money on some decent car component speakers and get a better result.

Choosing The Right Soundbar Quality

Soundbars come in different sizes and shapes and you can also be sure that the sound quality offered by some will be better than others. They are also designed for different spaces, some for living rooms while others are suited for ATV.

Researching before making a decision on the best soundbar for your car is essential so you are sure that what you choose is a real upgrade to the car audio already in place. With the right selection, the next step is to connect the soundbar so you can start enjoying the quality audio.

Connecting The Soundbar To Your Car

Your soundbar needs to be connected to the power source and sound output if at all you’ve settled on this option. While connecting the soundbar in the living room is easy, doing it in a car is a bit trickier. If you can’t do it, getting an expert will be necessary.

It’s easy to connect the soundbar to the AC outlet especially for new cars, but if yours is an older model without the AC outlet, then you may need to buy an AC power inverter. Make sure to assess the robustness of your soundbar to find out if it’ll be supported by the car system without straining it.

soundbar for sound quality

When it comes to audio output, you have several options to work with. You can choose USB cord, Bluetooth connection, headphone jerk or coaxial/digital optical cable.

If you don’t want to go into the whole wiring business, choose a soundbar that has Bluetooth compatibility or headphone jerk.

You could also consider whether you need to add center channel speakers as they help balance the overall sound in the system while providing a particular anchor location for vocals and dialogue.

There are some recommended center channel speakers which you’ll find suited for use in a car together with your soundbar and stereo system. All these options require some expertise to connect to your car audio system which it’s advisable to have a technician do as opposed to DIY process if you’re not familiar with the process.


While it’s true you can use a soundbar in your car, it’s good to consider all the pros and cons before making the move. There are many other options you could consider when seeking to upgrade your car’s stereo system.

These can help boost the sound and give you an amazing audio experience. However, make sure to consult a technician to help avoid unpleasant results and a disappointing experience when you play your music in the car.

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